Airbag code 23 question

I have airbag code 23 flashing intermittently. 

If I disconnect the battery for 15 minutes, is this going to mess up the radio or any other systems? Will I need a radio code?

NC Mk3 06 plate. 

Airbag code 23 is the passenger seat IIRC. When the light is on reach under the passenger seat and squeeze the connector together. Mine does it if you move the seat or something rattles about under the seat

As above.

If you ever need to disconnect the battery you’ll lose the pre programmed radio stations, clock setting. You’ll only need a radio code IF there is one. My 2006 Mk3 doesn’t, yours may or may not. You’ll also lose the miles stored on the speedo trip.

IF the car has DSC the facia warning light will flash. To reset this…switch the ignition on and turn the steering wheel fully lock to lock. This is explained in the owners handbook.