All weather cover + mk1 fixed arial = fail?

Hi All,

Just a quick question, I’ve recently bought a mk1 which has a slightly leaky roof and a requirement to be parked out on the road.

I’ve looked at a few weather covers on the internet but it doesn’t appear that any of them have made allowance for the fixed arial. Can anyone recommend one that does or an inexpensive replacement retractable arial?



Classic Additions do a waterproof half cap just covers the roof and glass. It has elastic ears to go over the mirrors and elastic straps for the front and back of the car.


Hi again Jon - you following me :wink:

Thanks for the link, I’m currently using a cover that has elastic strings to hold it down but it really moves about in the wind, thats why I was looking for a full body one. That said the link you’ve given looks a lot better fit than what I currently use so thats a win!



Just unscrew the aerial, takes me about 5 seconds

I got one of these last year, but stopped using it as the straps rub and scratch the paintowrk when its windy. A full cover is the answer and if you havent already got a removeable aerial then thats the solution.