Alpine Head Unit, great condition++ SOLD++

I have the head unit removed from my NC, that replaced the standard head unit (for sale too) I’ve now upgraded to touch screen model.
Connect your phone via bluetooth for hands free calls or play your tunes, charge or play tunes from a front USB port via a flashdrive. Also has a front 3.5mm AUX jack.
The head unit was in perfect working order when I removed it last month and is approx 3 years old. As shown in the pictures in great condition which also includes the box it was supplied in, manuals, cage (unused) and release clips etc. Not shown in the picture also included will be the surround trim, which clips in the front to neaten the install.
A wiring harness included too although you will need the steering wheel interface for your particular vehicle but there is a short Alpine to SW lead/adaptor included with this (see pic)
The unit should have a microphone too but I’ve damaged this removing it. These are easily obtained for less than £5 from you favourite auction site etc…

Please note…unless you already have it a facia adaptor kit will be required to install this unit into a Mk3 (NC) or of course any car for that matter if so required.

Price £40 … collection preferred, I live in South Derbyshire.

I can post, I would need to find a best option for this though.

+++++NOW SOLD+++++

sending a pm if I can figure it out…

Replied, although I didn’t realise I had.
This new fangled forum, good stuff though.

Hi Mick,
I’m very interested in this if its still available and you’re willing to post it.
Should it be available, could you PM me with delivery cost and we can do the deal.


Head unit now sold.