Alpine Tour June/July 22

Hi on the 24th I and my wife are going on a Tour of the Alps for 3 weeks in the RF. Our itinerary is as follows:

Droitwich to Saint Quentin via channel tunnel - one night

Saint Quentin to Montreux - three nights

Montreux to Zermatt - 2 nights

Zermatt to Bellagio on Lake Como via Simplon Pass - 4 nights

Bellagio to Innsbruck via Stelio Pass - 3 nights

Innsbruck to Lienz via Krimml Waterfalls - 1 night

Lienz to Hallstatt via Grossglockner Alpine Road - 3 nights

Hallstatt to Berchtesgaden to see Hitlers Eagles Nest - 1 night

Berchtesgaden to Schwangau to see Neuschwanstein Castle - 2 nights

Schwangau to Baden Baden - 1 night

Baden Baden to Saint Quentin - 1 night

Saint Quentin to Droitwich via channel tunnel

Are there any points of interest along this route that we should not miss, or possible include if we altered our current route between the various destinations we are stopping at?


Having done quite a bit of the route you are doing over many different trips, I would suggest that the route from your point 24 to 25 would be much better if you followed the Deutch alpenstrasse instead of using the motorway, the Deutch alpenstrasse goes from Bertchesgaden all the way to lake Constance on fantastic roads, if you can I would also travel past Constance and then drive the Black forest high road up to Baden Baden, obviously if your overnight stops fixed then that may not be an option. Whilst you are doing the Grossglockner make sure to take the road up to the glacier as well it is well worth the extra time.

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Hi Glug69, thanks for that. It may take a bit longer but if it’s a more scenic route then it would be worth the extra time. I had planned to visit the viewpoint for the Glacier, it’s only a short way off the main route.

This may help with your route planning :smile: German Alpine Road - Route (
Also noticed you are going to the Eagles nest, you can actually park at the bottom where the bus leaves to take you up the private road, it wasn’t very clear when we went and we ended up parking in Bertchesgaden and then using public transport to get there which took a long time.

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Ulm is very nice and well worth a days visit.

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I’ve re giggled one of our hotels, so should now be able to drive most of the Deutch Alpenstrasse and Black forest high Road.

Cool, I think you will enjoy it :grin: I’ve not organized a trip this year, but I would normally be away this weekend for a 7 day road trip with a couple of buddies, one in a Caterham and one in a 911, we have done the Black forest 5 times, the Deutch alpenstrasse 3 times, once to get to the Dolomites, twice to the Grossglockner, we’ve also done the Eiffel region including Spa and the Nurburg ring a few times, missing going this year :disappointed: First 6 trips I was in a Caterham too but I find it just as much fun in the MX5

Have a look at the tours organised by Scenic Car Tours to see any good points to visit

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