Ambient lighting

  1. My model of MX-5 is: NC1

I found the following on Amazon and it looks like a cheap and effective way of adding a little more ‘ambience’.
I was going to take the feed from the back of the cigarette lighter and position one usb light in each one of the foot wells. (Different colours available, if anyone’s interested.)
Has anyone had any experience of these or similar? Or are there any observations or words of caution, past the one bad review of the control unit overheating?

Some of the 12V to 5V converters can be very noisy electrically, so if you listen to the radio in the car they may cause interference. No experience with this particular one.

I converted an old valve radio to an Alexa based player and used the same module to power a light and to provide a phone charging lead, allowing a phone to be the Bluetooth source and it being charged at the same time. No issues.

You’ve given me some ideas now…

I have used one of them to fit a dash cam to my Dads car. Positive was connected to the internal fuse board with an “add a circuit”. Negative was connected to an earthed bolt under the dash board.
The circuit chosen was one that was not live when the ignition was off. In so doing, when the ignition is turned on the dash cam comes on, when it’s turned off the dash cam turns off.
No issues at all.

Project ‘Ambient Lighting’ now complete…
£12.98 and 30 minutes work.
V pleased :grinning:


Looks very good. I did similar footwear lights in blue to my blue NB a couple of years ago. A very cheap and effective mod.