Another essex boy

Hi everybody my name is Jim, I recently bought a MK2. This is my third MX5 so I thought I ought to join the owners club this time. My earlier cars were a 2007 Soft top MK3 and a 2012 hard top MK3. Hopefully when this lockdown allows I will be seen at the Colchester monthly meets. See you soon guys, cheers.

Hi Jim, welcome! I’m up in Ipswich but plan to also drop down to the Colchester meets when they are possible again.

Hi Jim just joined the club this week have recently purchased a Mk3 and been loving it and look forward to getting out and about with other owners also I am in Essex Stuart.

Hi Stuart, good to hear from you, will look forward to meeting you in person at the monthly club meetings.
Cheers Jim

I wlll attending the colchester meets when they resume

Hi Jon, nice to hear from you, yeah can’t wait for lockdown to allow us to get to a proper club meeting and meet other members. Hope to see you soon,
Cheers Jim

Hi Jim and welcome, I’m Essex as well though north thames MK2.5 hope you get to enjoy it, definitely some top down weather coming up next week :smiley: . Regards Dave.

Hello Dave, nice to hear from you. Whenever the weathers nice I try to get out for a run. Enjoy your runs out when it does get nice, happy motoring, Jim

The Bury st Edmunds meet is also a short hop from Ipswich and Essex for a bit of variety as well, once we all get going again. :grinning:

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Hi Martin, thanks for that, Bury st Ed’s would be a very nice little run out on an evening. Cheers Jim