Another new Bromley, Kent member

Hi Everyone

new member in Bromley, Kent, I brought a mk 2.5 1.8vvt in November last year, needs some tic to the body as its starting to get the dreaded tin rot on the rear arches and a new clutch which I now have and just need to get fitted, I’ll add some pics


also im an mot tester so if anyone needs any help or advice just shout

Hi and welcome…! Your NB looks tidy… :slightly_smiling_face:

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I take it you are able to make new topics now! :partying_face:
Very nice NB, who’s are the NAs?

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Welcome fellow mx5.
Great looking NB with good British racing green ! Your garage looks spacious inside or is it limited for working on the car inside?
Enjoy your pics. :point_up:


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Hi Ian, yes i finally figured it out lol.

the two nas are a friend of mine and his wifes, believe they are members on here.

Thanks brian!

i wish it was my garage, but its my friends and another member whos helping me out.


Nice NB, love the British racing green! I’m also a new remember from Bromley, I’ve recently picked up my mk3 after lots of searching for the right one, very happy with it so far!

I could do with some help/advice locally, what MOT garage do you work at?


Hi, welcome.

welcome matey

I’m currently at the test centre in Deptford