Another newbie from Dorset

Evening all! After a year of ownership I’ve taken the plunge and joined the club. Hope to see some of you out and about in the local area as soon as our freedom is restored.

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Hi, welcome to the MX5OC and I am sure you will have some great drives out in your 5 with Wessex Group. We are Solent Area but we do sometimes attend each others ares drives for fun.
I am sure Wessex are in the same boat as us, in that until more guidance comes from the MX5OC Top Team on drives, albeit social distancing drives, our area programmes are up in the air at present.
We are monitoring things closely and once we see some light at the end of the tunnel, we will be revising our programme and will re-issue it on the forum. To do anything with the programme now, would just be nugatory effort. We look forward to meeting you at future events.