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Hi all,

Well drove the car home yesterday after purchasing it and I love it already, few things need changing as Steve said the wheels (hmmm Track days) he best be nice to me.

Need a new stereo too, the one in it works but buttons are missing.




Just been to my first track day. What a hoot!  Cool

Saw on another thread you have just had your sills done, was that anyone local? as we are just down the road from you.

Actually they haven’t been done yet but I’ve dome some “research”. Finishingline just north of Stevenage can do it, but are on the expensive side (was quouted £711).

So I’m probably going to do it with MX5Restorer down south (2 hour drive), which has quoted £500 for the same job and seems to have a completely Solid reputation with lots of people. Most importantly he has provided valuable input around the various issues with why the sills rust in the first place, a favourite topic of mine… Wink

greetings Debs-D          Waving

uh-oh, busted

 welcome Debs

Welcome to the forum Waving.

Yep you are



welcome aboard, Debs Waving