Another newbies foolish questions..............

 We have just purchased a 2004 Sport 56k live in Solihull in the West Midlands.

My wife and I own a business that sells predominatley aftermarket Speedometers and Gauges (although nothing directly related to MX5) we operate online and attend a lot of shows througout the year, this weekend at Bromley pageant of Motoring, I also part own a forum that supports the Yamaha Vmax motorcycle so well used to forum life

unfortunately the car we have purchased has no service history so have a few newbie questions…

When is the cambelt due for change?

Any clever suggestions or brackets for storing the hard top in an over crowded garage during the summer months?

Can you point me in the direction of a good service agent in the West Midlands?

Look forward to hearing from you and participating in the future…

Jon (VMX5)


greetings Jon    Waving

60k max for the cambelt on mk1 & 2 so I assume the same on mk3 never used one myself but it’s a start.

good luck & have fun in your 5


 Thanks for the link and the heads up on the Cambelt change

I will buy one of those covers at the moment the hard top is lying on the conservatory floor… Cat thinks its great fun!!!

Anyone recomend someone in Birmingham area for the cambelt change?




 For storing the hardtop I got a stout plank, two giant hooks (cup hook style but industrial scale), measured the space between the chrome latches, screwed in the hooks then coach bolted the plank across the rafters in the garage - and there you go.


Why do I remember hearing that a Mk3 has a Cam Chain and not a Cam Belt so it doesn’t need to be changed?

Was I lied to?!

Don't know


you’re right, it’s a chain… sorry.Embarassed

 forgive me… is your 2004 a mk3 then, or have I missed something? I thought mk3’s came out in 2006…

The timing belt is supposed to be changed every 60k miles, or after 6 years. It’s a non-interfering engine though. Smile

 Thanks for tip about the storage its a good idea but my garage is so rammed I will probably go for the padded bag option

I assumed that a 2004 manufacturing date meant I had a MK2.5 I  started to read through some of the older posts last evening but of course its a daunting task.


Welcome to the forum.  If yours is a 2004 build it will be a late Mk2.5 and has a cambelt which will not destroy the engine if it breaks.  If you know a reliable independent garage it is a straightforward job to change.

…my mistake, it looked like the thread was talking about a chain driven mk3 …

A mk 2.5 needs its belt doing at the above intervals. If yours is 9 years old it should be half way through its second belt, if the service schedule is correct. If you cant find the stamp in the book, or a dated cambelt sticker on the engine or door frame then its worth getting it done. And while you’re there - with the front of the engine on the floor and the clock running on the mechanic’s meter - change the water pump too, 'cus if that goes you have to take the whole lot off again, (mine was about £40 new).

I’ve just had mine done at an MX5 specialist and he charged £250 for the lot. Smile

never use a garage myself  but these are recommended

near you; Only MX5ives
1959, Warwick Road, Knowle, Solihull West Midlands  tel: 07729 999468     


or sam goodwin (a larger organisation) is near nuneaton I think.


Can I just confirm, a mk3 does not require any timing belt, aux belt or cam belt changes?


Probably best to start a new thread for this one as its not part of the original question. Alternatively search ‘MX5’ and see what they stock.