Another stone chips Topic

Looking at covering some stone chips on bonnet and have been reading about how to do it etc however…

I know I need either the Mazda stone chips paint or Halfords paint, however looking online at Mazda parts they are out of stock for the colour I need, and I can’t seem to find any on Halfords website.

I have a mk3 63 plate crystal white beauty…

Any advice would be great I don’t know where to look, only other I have seen either a)cost a fortune above £40 or b) come from America and cost a bomb in postage!


Have you tried Amazon, they do a Mazda Crystal white touch up. Code 34k

Sadly they are out of stock too! :pensive:

Oh well :pensive: it was worth a try.
Just a thought, have you got a local car paint supplier who could mix it for you?

Try eBay? I got some from there a while ago from some random seller and turned out to be from a Mazda dealer when it arrived

Got my touch up paint from the dealer although they had to order it in, wasn’t expensive and the Mazda official paint is some of the best I’ve used.