Another 'What is This For' Thread

I’ve been working my way through a number of issues, mainly electrical, on the Eunos (which has been in a barn for the past 4 years).


As I’ve now worked through most of them (thanks to various peeps here), I’m now looking at the curious, rather than the non-functioning.


While disconnecting the battery while working on the car, I wondered what this is (red arrow below), connected to the B+ terminal by the pink and blue wire to the yellow insulated ring connector, and with a thick wire exiting it (to where, I could not really tell).


Any ideas what it might be for?


Looks like a frequency shifter for the aerial, it plugs in line with the aerial coaxe cable and allows a Japaneese spec radio to receive UK frequencies.

That makes sense - I’ll see if (in daylight) I can pull the various reference numbers anyway.


As it has an aftermarket stereo, does that mean I can remove/disconnect it, or will the aerial be cut to a narrow enough frequency band that means I need to keep it?

You can ditch it if you have a UK audio unit.