Ant Anstead (Wheeler Dealers, Master Mechanic etc.) Cars & Coffee

Hi Everyone

We have received the invite below, at this point we are only gathering numbers so if you would be interested in going along please add your name to this post asap.

I will be passing on the numbers of cars on Monday. Apologies for the short notice but we have only just been informed.

Over the weekend Ant Anstead (Wheeler Dealers, Master Mechanic etc.) has invited the Club and members along to his own garage at Dowsetts Cars near Ware in Hertfordshire on Saturday 5th February (10am-2pm) for a Cars & Coffee meet and a look behind the scenes on some new projects.
Dowsetts as you may know are the team behind the Tipo 184 - the MX-5 based Heritage Race car which will be there to have a look and possibly a drive.
Pre-registration is not going to be required but we would like an indication of numbers.

Thank you

NEM A/C John and David

I have sent an email with the numbers the address you will need is

I have had the following from Iain
f you are planning your trip, some important steps;

Please use Postcode SG11 1EF for arrival

Colliers End, Ware. Herts

This will direct you to next to our parking spot

Depending on approach the route should bring you in over the bridge over the A10 and towards Dowsetts from Colliers End, the entrance you need is the first right you will come to over the bridge and has gates standing back form the road. Signage is minimal.

We have been requested to please aim to arrive from 10am, there is a lot of space off the road to manage vehicles should there be a few cars arriving together, we have reserved lawn parking area at the end of the driveway for when you get in.

The gates are automated and unlikely to be open much before 10am while things are being set up, due to some of the other more sensitive businesses on site.

Once in, please proceed down the driveway and keep straight on - don’t fork off to the right at the first lawn, go past the sculpture and once you reach the buildings you should see the Club tent on the lawn as indicated in the diagram.

We’ll park up as best as we can on the lawn and please park in good order, we have a lot of cars coming and will fill up the space, parked well we should get most of the MX-5s on the space, if we do fill it - please keep the access to the farmhouse clear, we an overspill on to the gravel opposite. The Dowsetts garage will be accessed immediately across from our parking.

As you may be aware Ant Anstead will be there on the day and he’s also being joined by another couple of familiar faces, so it should be a good few hours of chat and a look around the cars.

When it comes time to leave, please take care exiting the parking and heading back down the drive. Please respect the other businesses and residents by leaving sensibly.

Other than that have a great trip there and look forward to seeing you all there on Saturday!

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David m
Derrick m
David Tidman
Anthony Harris
Barry Badger plus 1

Do you think he’ll bring Renee Zellweger along? :wink:

Yes I’d like to go please, I replied to David W on email.

I would like to come along from SWM region along with another member.
Trevor Nelson
Gerard Kilburn

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I was planning on going to this event on Saturday from South Wales until I realised it was Hertfordshire and not Herefordshire :roll_eyes:

Hi John, if there is still space I would like to join you.

I would like to attend please. I have advised Burton, P&P Area Coordinator, but I thought I’d let you know too just to be on the safe side.


I’d like to come along as well please, if its not too short notice.

Hope you all have a fantastic day, please use the post code and map my my first post.


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I hope it’s not too late, but I would really like to come also.

Good morning out, lots of MX5’s and variety of other cars, plus the Wheeler Dealers crew were there. I pulled into some M25 services and stumbled into the meeting point for another area club, so asked if I could tag along thanks :slight_smile: The Tipo looks like a lovely engineered thing! Thanks to the organisers.

Very interesting meeting, thank you to all the organisers. Very good turnout of MX5s (not including mine though because its a 340 mile round trip, mainly motorways, and I’ve got a Peaks & Pennines run tomorrow).
I did take a few pics:

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And an MX5 to round it off!