Anti roll bar

Is the front anti roll bar on the NC adjustable?

If it’s the OE bar then no.

Why might you want to make adjustments?

I just think I’d like to try a stiffer set up.
I also have a CX-3 and the turn-in with that is so much sharper.

You could try a pair of machined Delrin door bushes from Rob Bate.
Worked for me.

They replace the rubber over steel ones in the door jambs and are a much tighter fit in the corresponding cups on the doors.
Convertibles are naturally less stiff than saloons, as there is only the floor connecting the front and rear wheels.
The idea of these bushes is that when closed, they enable the doors to add stiffness to the body.

I was sceptical, so bought some cheap £15.00 3d printed ones but ended up buying twice because they actually worked…
The cheap ones work well but are in a very visible spot and look naff.
The Rob Bate ones are beautifully made out of a much better, more resilient material and look great. They also don’t scuff. £25.00 posted, complete with stainless bolts. Total bargain…

Interesting idea - any thanks

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should be Many thanks!

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Whole car felt stiffer, the suspension worked better, less squirrely in bumpy corners, Less rattly and shuddery over level crossings and - sharper turn-in :slight_smile:

Do you have contact details please?

Rob Bate []

He is extremely communicative.

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Turn-in is definitely a little sharper.

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I found the ride improved too :grinning: