Anti roll bars, are the rx8 anti roll bars thicker or just have more tension as ive just bought a pair as an upgrade

  1. My model of MX-5 is: mx mk3 2006
  2. I’m based near: __
  3. I’m looking for technical help or recommendations on: __

The RX8 Bars are all thicker:
MX5 nc FT 21mm RR 11/12mm (Sport)
RX8 Red FT 25.4mm RR 16mm
RX8 Yellow FT 26.5mm RR 16mm ( thicker Wall)
RX8 Orange FT 26.5mm (thicker wall) RR 16mm (even thicker wall)

You will need new ARB bushings for any upgrade but the originall Brackets should still fit

yep as per alben different rubbers only.

brackets are the same.

thanks for the info much appreciated

If you really want to get into RX8 Sway Bars then the US MX5 forum has dozens (yes dozens!) of posts about this topic…

@mike please can you post pics once you’ve fitted them, and links to the new rubbers?

I’m thinking about this mod too!

Will do but it could be a week or 2 before I do it.
There not arriving till Thursday.

Report back when it’s done :slight_smile:

I can strongly recommend the instructions on the attached link for the swop out of the Front Anti Roll Bar:

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Hi chris back anti roll bar very easy .
front one is more work undertray to come off lots of clips ect but having trouble
trying to undo abs wire plastic clip .
regards rubber bushes ebay cheap enough sorry no photos.

Hi Mike, I’ve just fitted RX8 bars to mine and you definitely don’t need to remove the under tray. Undo the drop links and remove the clamps and bushes. With the ends of the bar pointing downwards, there’s enough room to wiggle the bar out. Saves a lot of hassle and time.

Thanks MattA
Sounds a lot easier been told this b4
It had me scratching my head.

I agree with mike, fronts look harder than they are. Once you suss the positioning you can withdraw the old one and slip the new one in quite easily. I bought used yellow spot, cleaned and painted along with the brackets and picked up new poly bushes on eBay for a few quid. Nice rewarding job.

Just go to the link I posted and follow the instructions to the letter.
The only thing you might have problems with are the anti roll bar drop links, but if you did the rears with no problem then hopefully the fronts will be the same. Just remember to remove the abs wiring as instructed. If you don’t and damage the sensor then you will have another fiddly job to do.

Hi Alben
read your link again thanks very informative.
i intend doing the job this saturday .
one thin on the wheel sensor brackets do you mean take it of from the hub or the bracket on the inner body work
Hanks in advance

Bracket on the body. Whatever you do don’t pull or put any strain on the sensor on the hub otherwise what should be a straight forward job changes to one you may wish you have never started even if you have to cut the drop links.

Thanks Alben.

Thanks to Alben and Matta for the info on changing the front a.r.b s to rx8
just finished and been for a short drive much improvment.

sorry dave no pics were done .just follow link Aben had put on the above
my drop links were easy as i had greased the thread when i put new ones on 2years ago .