This could be a stupid question, but…I’ve had my Mk3 just over a week now . I called the garage in my service book that last serviced the car to ask if they did a full or interim service and the chap mentioned he had a note that the antifreeze concentrate was on the low side.

Now for the question, can I mix antifreezes and drain some out and top up with any good quality antifreeze to increase the concentrate?

Apologies if that’s a dumb one…still learning!!!



You can also buy it ready mixed which saves a bit of hassle

yeah, but is it ok to mix that with whatever type I already have in there?

Mazda use a low silicate antifreeze in the car. It would be best to drain and replace with the specific Mazda FL22 antifreeze. It is not expensive. How old is the car as the early 2005 cars should now have the antifreeze replaced.

If you are not prepared to spend that money go on to the Comma site and check their specified antifreeze for the MX5 and buy some of that and add it to what is in there.

That’s really helpful, thank you. It is a 2005 so I think I’ll do it properly and replace it all. Right, YouTube now for a tutorial!!!

Assuming that the car is filled with FL22 long life antifreeze, there should be a sticker on the radiator cap, then you can buy premixed genuine Mazda FL22 from MX5 Parts. Note that you need to buy two 5 litres as the system is 7.5 litres.