Any drives planned ?

Are there any runs / drives planned for the National Rally - I`m unable to find any on the system?  Any help please 

There’s mention of them in passing here:

Seems they might be mentioned officially any day now…

Hello Everyone 

Its Terry SWM AC I live and work in Stratford upon Avon.

I have been asked by lain if I could arrange a drive for you all staying at the hotel or want to do a drive on the Saturday.

I will do a drive tomorrow its my day off from work. I know the roads around here very well so I am going to do a scenic route for you all OK.

First stop will be Broadway Tower which is the highest tower view point in England. It has a café so you can have tea and cake if you wish to. Then on to beautiful Chipping Campden which you can stop for a while and have a look around.

And then some more lovely country roads with views back to Stratford OK.

I may not have time to put on site but I will be at the hotel for 9am on the Saturday with route plans to follow. 

I will also be doing the drive on the Saturday to make sure all of you are OK.

I hope this helps you all if you want to ask me anything please do.


All the best 




We’ll have a copy of the drive available just as soon as is possible.

Various groundwork requirements at the site have altered a few minor details of the day so updates will be coming out for all areas just as soon as is possible over the coming days

Hello All


Well I went out at 7am today and completed not one drive but two.

One as planed to Broadway Tower and I did another to Gaydon Motor Museum. Just encase anyone who wanted to go back or New members wanting to visit their.

I have passed on the route plans to Iain and asked him if he would put on the site ,as I am not sure how to do it.

I hope you like the routes all the best.


Terry SWM AC

The Runs and lots of other information on the Rally is now available


Hello All I am sorry their is one mistake on the Gaydon run at 5.2 At the Island you carry straight On. its a mini island.

At 5.4 You do take the First Exit 1 Left the tulip shows arrow straight on sorry for that mistake.

I will print of 25 routes of both plans for anyone wanting to go on a drive OK. 

I have lived here all my life so know the area extremely well, so if you decide that you want to visit some where ells yourselves and want to know a way of getting their I will help.

All the best

Terry SWM AC