Any info on the MX5 thinking of buying

Does anyone know anything about this MX HG13UFT it’s a roadster graphite limited edition saw this for sale today in a dealers. Looks a little unloved was wondering if it was ever a club car.
Sorry for the double post managed to get ketchup on the iPad screen as I attempted to clean it I managed to mark it to be deleted

Is that the one n sale for £9,200? If so, it’s been offered fr sale fr at least a few weeks because it keeps popping up on my feeds. That makes me wonder why.:thinking:

It’s the same one yes I had a look round yesterday and I got the feeling that it’s an unloved example (as I was standing next to it with a handful of road muck from the rear wheelarch), also every panel on the car has some kind of paint damage slight in some cases.

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