Anybody know what this body kit is ?

 Apart from ugly, does anybody know what this body kit is ?


Body produced for Mazda Cars Limited, and used on the Le Mans, and as an accessory in 1991-1992.


 Ah !! OK cheers Thumbs up

I’ll be honest, its my car !! Any value in the kit ?

Thinking of putting some nice simple front and back bumpers on it.




I wouldn’t mind your entire kit for my Le Mans Imposter (as long as it can be removed ok and not too expensive as mine is really a track car!?!)

Now I think that the front bumper bit is actually bonded over the top of the existing bumper so may be difficult to remove but not sure about the side and back ones!!

However, I do have a spare standard front bumper and rear bumper skin knocking about so could do some kind of swap, albeit mine are red!! You will need to talk to your friendly bodyshop man to assess removal and respray costs I guess so pls keep in touch (PM or reply - happy to chat through logistics too?!)

Cheers, Ian

Just out of sheer curiosity, what’s the value of a Le Mans edition MX5 these days? I’d assume it must be high as it’s based on the legendary 787B colour scheme and produced in very limited numbers…

£4-5k for a ropey one, upto allegedly £25k for one thats spent its life in the sun.

Only 24 made, so fairly impossible to place a value. The cars sold relatively poorly at the time, because of the marmite paint scheme.


As a comparison, an example of the M2-1001 special edition, with the blueprinted engine, is on sale on carsensor (Japanese version of Autortrader) for about £13,000.





Thats my car!

When I took that picture, I never realised how often it would pop up whenever the LeMans is mentioned!


You lucky chap :slight_smile: I’d love one but wouldn’t trust myself to give it the love and attention it deserves…


What you need is a spare bodykit Wink




Yes I am lucky, but its now time to move on so the car is going up for sale

Its a lovely car to own and such an eyeturner its going to be hard to part with her!