Anyone doing a Dakar restoration?

I went to look at a mk1 Dakar today with a view to fixing it up as a project. 

Unfortunately it’s too far gone for my skills with major sill-floor rust. 

Thing is though it’s only covered 50k miles with 2 owners from new. 

The interior in great condition apart from a mouse attack on the passenger seat and the fake wood suffering from sun damage.

I’m toying with the idea of buying it and breaking it for parts, but should I bother?

Any thoughts on how much interest there is in the Dakar special edition?

I’d say leave it for someone else with better skills, or perhaps deeper wallet, to have a go.

Buying it to break is just opportunism, which I guess is what you’re really about.


As for the straightforward £££ side of things, there’s loads of these so-called limited editions,

People who like the Dakars like them, there seems to be little financial incentive that marks

the cars out much from others. Just my opinion.




Thanks for the response.
Pretty much what I expected

It sounds like the bits that have deteriorated or seen better days are the bits that other Dakar owners may want, so you may end up with a pile of unwanted parts. The mechanical side of things may be good for selling but nothing special as such even from a LTD edition. Do the scrap men offer anything much for a car now?

With Trufflehunt on this one. If you are contemplating buying to break with no constructive agenda get on with it but no sympathy or support from me.

May want a few cheap parts off you though, low lifeSmile   

I have to say that Bufftec may be being viewed as opportunist, however we are all quite happy to buy spares from laudable people like Andy at Autolink, who I believe buys and breaks cars for spares as a living, I think you are being a little double standard on this one boys, the person that owns the Dakar may not know that the bits on it might be worth something to a fellow Dakar owner, shouldn’t the fellow Dakar benefit from Bufftec’s find and benefit from Bufftec’s efforts at transporting and taking the vehicle apart to help the continued use of another car? And Bufftec benefit from some cash? What do you guys go to work for? The joy of it? Or to make some money to indulge in your car?

Food for thought?


Cheers anyway,



It depends on how much you can get the car for and if you have room to store the parts as it could take ages for some of the parts to be sold.

A few months ago I managed to get this for £100, plus £30 for my mate to get it home on his recovery truck.

As you can see, it’s rotten as a pear and you could catch something nasty from the interior.

I made the mistake of posting some photos on a facebook page saying that I’ll be breaking it for parts in a few months. I had to stop comments as I could’ve sold about a third of the car there and then.

I got the car so I could keep some of the parts that can be used on mine for future use, then sell what I don’t want.

The engine, gearbox, propshaft, ecu and wiring are going to a mate in payment of a favour and he’s going to fit them in his 1960’s Ford Corsair pick-up conversion!

Another friend wants the bonnet and someone else wants the front bumper.

Be realistic in what you can sell and if you can make back what you paid for the car.

And I may be interested in the gearbox in yours if you do get it. 

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Thanks for the responses. 

When I said it’s beyond my repair capabilities what I meant was it’s destined for the scrap yard - the rot is that extensive!
What bugs me though is that the interior is in such good condition and the engine so low miles that to see it off to the crusher seems like a travesty. 
Hence my point was should I put some effort in to try and save/distribute these parts by breaking it. 
What I was trying to understand is whether anyone would actually be interested in restoring a Dakar (not this one) and hence need some Dakar specific trim parts. 
The current owner isn’t interested in saving anything but just wants it gone. 
Like a previous poster above I could use some (very minor bits) myself but frankly I could buy these easily elsewhere. 
Given the time/effort involved I’ve decided to pass. There was never a fortune to be made here!!
But still wanting to help I’ll  advise the seller to list it on eBay rather than scrap it at least then it gets it out to a wider audience which could mean more money for them and parts are reused. 
Whether they do that is up to them!
It was seeing the immaculate doorcards, steering wheel and drivers seat that got me thinking that someone may be desperate for these parts. 
Yes the engine and gearbox have only done 50k but realistically they don’t wear out often and hence not much call for them as used replacements. 

Also just to add, that tan leather seat above looks like it would scrub up fine so don’t skip it!!

It scrubbed up to this but will never win any awards.

They’re destined to go in my mates Triumph GT6 but with new leather.


Hi there, did you end up keeping anything from this Dakar? I am after a set of the light grey floor mats if you happened to keep them…? I have a good set of seats in light blue with darker piping but if you happens to have kept these too and they are in better condition I could be interested in them too?
Thanks for any assistance :+1:

Apologies, just seen that you didn’t end up buying the car, sorry!