Anyone know this car AF61 OYR?

Firstly, suppose i better say hello! Joined a while ago when i was looking to buy a newish ND 30th AE. Got as far as a test drive and really liked it - but couldnt bring myself to sell my Focus RS. So, it didnt go any further.

Now i am thinking about a cheaper MX5. Initially about £5k but as always, after reading lots and looking (only online) for a couple of months, i have now upped the budget as I really dont want to start crawling under and fixing things.

So, this has caught my attention

Strong money i guess but prices have risen as far as i can tell.

With me in Aberdeen and the car in Cambridge, it would probably be bought remotely…risky, i know.

So, anyone know the car?

Personally I’d up the budget fractionally and get an ND (not an NC) if you’re thinking of spending £12k. There’s a few around and imo are better to drive, lighter etc etc.

Been thinking the very same. The Recaro model caught my attention. I have convinced myself I need a 2.0 and a slipper…

Tbh, I’m an NC driver and have to agree that this is too much money. Mine’s is two years younger than this one (also a ltd ed.) and cost me £4000 less than this one is advertised at (only bought mine in October so still recent) and that included delivery, service & MOT and new tyres. Far better deals to be found out there pal. Keep hunting 'til you find the right one :blush:

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Apart from low mileage, what’s so special about this car?
I paid 8 grand for my 2011 2.0 Miyako, from a dealer, with a warranty, with new tyres, with new battery and delivered.
I thought I was probably paying a little over the odds but it was gleaming in a showroom and I wanted it.

I thought it was strong money for a 10 year old car, they are hoping folk are desperate enough to want one. Short supply I believe for very good low mileage cars (MX-5’s) bide your time.
I might be tempted to pay£9-10k but it would have to be absolutely A1 condition and definitely no rot starting on the underside.

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I too thought it was strong money, but COVID has done weird things to prices in the last year across many manufacturers.

Local Mazda dealer had a ND for sale earlier this week and it went before i could get in to see it.

Worst time of year to buy one i suppose!

A dealer near me had 7 in stock towards the end of march, mostly ND’s now only 1 left.
So that’s scuppered me going for a look see when they open again.

I got mine from a s/h dealer who always likes to have some MX5s in stock as they are strong sellers with little comeback.
They get their MX5s from main dealers who know exactly where to send any clean, fsh, low mileage MX5s they take in part exchange that are not quite young enough for their own forecourts.
Trouble is, they are in Taunton

have you got an website address?

Holcombe Car Mart

Not an inspiring name but they’ve been going since the 30s, so must be doing something right.

Just took a quick look and no MX5s. Maybe they really are scarce…

Seems a current theme and hence the +20% increase in price.

So, I will keep looking, but may just have to accept the situation. I wonder if we will see a 2-tier approach going forward where the older good/low mileage&owner ones will retain strong residuals and the ND will be on normal depreciation whilst they keep production runs?

Oh, to have a crystal ball!!!

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It might be worth contacting Holcombe to see what they have in the pipeline.
Also, you could try asking local Mazda dealers if they are taking something suitable in part exchange.