Anyone know what this plug is?!

  1. My model of MX-5 is: nc
  2. I’m based near: mk
  3. I’m looking for technical help or recommendations on:

Hello, found this little one poking around the engine today… does anyone know what it is and if it should be plugged into anything? I can only follow it as far as the bumper as I merges with a load of other wires. Not sure if it’s important as car runs fine with no warning lights and pretty sure it’s been like this since I got the car 5 months ago. Thanks!!

I’ll have a guess at the connection for cars equipped with aircon, which yours doesn’t have.


No mine doesn’t have air con… nor was it removed … strange!!

… at least I’m pretty sure it wasn’t!

Plenty of plugs around the car doing nowt, they used just the one loom. Such as the aircon, heated seats, fog lights etc. If these options were ticked off at manufacture the loom and plug is there ready.:+1:


That part of the front loom is common across the NCs. They just don’t bother to complete the additional plug-in wiring specific to missing components such as aircon.


Ok great thanks… much less of an issue than I thought… thought I was missing a flux capacitor or something :wink:

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You’ll know if your flux capacitor isn’t fitted when you hit 88mph and your MX-5 doesn’t transport you to the target date you entered into the CD radio unit.