Anyone refaced a stock 1.8 flywheel?

Hi Folks.

Just prepping to carry out a clutch replacement and the associated seals. I was wondering if anyone has experience of or recommends refacing the stock 1.8 flywheel? Is it usual to need it doing?

As far as I know the clutch is original and still working fine. I have not opened it up yet. The car is an MOT failure but the quick blast I had in it didn’t show any problems with the clutch. I am changing it now as I have easy access to the powerframe (body removed) and wanted to do those jobs which are normally a ball ache.

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If the clutch is healthy as it stands then significant wear shouldn’t have occurred… This usually happens when the friction plate wears so thin that the rivets become exposed and carve chunks out of the mating surface…

In the absence of this scenario, I wouldn’t deem it necessary at all, a thorough cleaning should suffice, changing the pilot bearing might be a good idea too.

However, it sounds like you’re going to a significant expense in general… Is it really worth skimping on such a crucial component to save a few quid?

Cheers Chris,

Fingers crossed the flywheel isn’t scored or damaged…no reason to think it is. Will see what it is like when I open her up. Haven’t thought about going down the lightened route…maybe something for the future? im looking at putting together a ultra ight weight fast road kit car with occasional track use. Think the standard power and flywheel will be just fine for that.

Will be changing the rear crank seal and spigot bearing no matter what condition they are in. Gearbox front and rear too. think that covers it. clutch boot looks good so assuming release lever with be good too.

I take it I don’t need to drain the engine oil to change the crank seal.



When you say crank seal, are you referring to the rear main seal?

If so, you’ll definitely need to drop the oil - it’s main purpose is to hold oil inside the crank case, said oil will escape upon the seal’s removal or failure!

Thanks for that Chris. Yes the rear main seal is what I meant. Thanks for the heads up on dropping the engine oil…that sounds like it would have been a messy epic fail! :upside_down_face:



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I had a Mk2 1.6 flywheel fitted to a Mk1 1.6 as part of a clutch change (the Mk2 flywheel is lots lighter, so cheap upgrade). The garage only charged £50 or so to have the used flywheel refaced.

A semi-popular mod in the states is to put a 1.6 flywheel on a 1.8; makes the difference during an Autocross.

I have now stripped the clutch (not bad with a broken collar bone!) and the flywheel looks good.

Glad I did the job as the clutch was almost down to the rivets and the amount of oil leaking and clutch dust crud was incredible. Looks like the crank oil seal as well as the gearbox front seal were leaking. It is grim in the bell housing.

Going to stick with stock setup for now but thanks on the flywheel tip.