Anyone up for a Saturday run out?

It seems a bit quiet in this section so thought I would try and liven things up. I’m new to the club and although I went to the last meet there didn’t seem to be much talk of doing runs. Admittedly though I couldn’t stay long and only spoke to a couple of people so maybe I just didn’t speak to the right people. Is it a random thing in SC or do you organise monthly runs etc. throughout the year?

Now that the weather seems to be warming up it’s perfect for a bit of “topless” driving, so if anyone fancies doing a run in the next few weeks I’ve got some routes already mapped that have been used for classic car runs. Usually a 30-50 mile leisurely run including coffee stop and lunch but also some longer runs up to 100 miles which are great if you want to blow the cobwebs out a bit. I’ve got routes for runs around the New Forest, the South Downs and the Surrey/Sussex area. I’m not all hi-tech so it’s route books and tulip diagrams which are IMHO much more fun and challenging than simply following a route on your sat nav!

Reply here or PM me if you are interested.

Hi Pete

I’d be interested in an outing. I live on the south Hampshire coast, (Fareham) so a trip through the New Forest would be ideal, although within reason I’m prepared to travel a little further.




Hi Pete

I have been involved with South Central for a few years. I try to organise at least one run for the Group every year. I think one reason why I at least have been quiet this year is that I like to arrange runs that go on minor roads rather than just thrashing along A roads. However, the bad weather this year has meant that I am having problems scouting suitable routes for a run.

I was out last week (on my motorbike!) and found that two of the roads I would like to use are closed for repairs following the flooding. Not the end of the world, but it does mean more time needs to be spent to find suitable roads that will not hammer the life out of an MX5’s suspension.

A run South Central has done for the last few years is to go as a group to the Soft Top Sunday Goodwood Breakfast Club meeting. This year it is fixed for 1 June, but I cannot lead this as I will be ‘up North’ that day. We normally meet on the A287 at Frensham and go in convoy to Goodwood. There is no charge for attending this event, and as the name implies, you can get a terrific breakfast there with all the ingredients from the Goodwood estate farm.

If you would like to get involved, why not offer to take this event on as leader? Alan & Helen Capell would I am sure love to have more people prepared to arrange and lead runs.

I like Pete’s suggestion to increase the number of SC events. Weather is an issue so spontaneous events arranged at short notice are very appropriate. I don’t know how well the forum is read so a direct email to SC members is the way forward to arrange something I believe.

Thanks for the response and apologies for the delayed follow up but my attention has been elsewhere. Most of the runs I have done or worked up are based on country roads with just the occasional A road so I agree with much of what you said. I am aware of and have been to a number of the Goodwood breakfasts although not sure I agree with your assessment of the food. Mostly overpriced and overcooked in my experience but that’s just my opinion. I’m happy to consider leading the run in June so will speak to Alan. Unfortunately I can’t get to the meet this evening.

Spontaneous runs are always fun but by their very nature can be either poorly or very well attended. My original post was an attempt to test the water so to speak for using the forum to gauge interest and as you can see, the response was, how shall I put it diplomatically, lukewarm? Perhaps I should have specified a date and destination… I’ll give some more thought and maybe give it another try with a specific run in mind.

The only problem with direct email is that I don’t have access to everyone’s addresses so I’m guessing it would need Alan and Helen to do this.

Hi pete,

Just picked up on your post. Certainly interested in getting involved in w/end runs. Was unable also to make the last meeting - wondered if there are any plans for  a group run to the Brooklands event on the 27th (Hopefully will get tickets in the next couple of weeks).


Andy, I didn’t make the last meet either so don’t know if there are any plans. I’ve just put my name forward to help marshall the cars so will not be able to take part in any group run to Brooklands. Will give some more thought to a Saturday run and then post something here.

Hello All,  Yes we are certainly interested to have more people arranging runs, etc,  and are aware not a lot of people regularly visit the forum to pick up on any plans,   We are pleased to advertise runs via e-mail to all South Central members.

It just needs to be remembered that a few days notice is required for people to pick up on e-mails and respond to you on this.


As regards a group run to Brooklands - for the Spring Rally on the 27th April,  if you have a meeting point in mind we could also e-mail this to members,  who are also asking about this.

 Unfortunately Helen and I will have to be at Brooklands much earlier in the day in order to help with setting up the show !!

Always pleased to assist if people want to arrange something !!!   Have you all booked a place at the Buffet following Brooklands ???     cost £11 per head e-mail or tel 01483 237064 for details …

  Alan and Helen

I’m up for a run out, but tend to work a lot of weekends so haven’t always been able to make the runs that have been organised in the past.