Are the original zsports worth the money

Been looking around and found the original 07zsport going for big money ie 8500-9 k are they really worth the money ?

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Possibly but they have to be good, very good, unabused low mileage.
You could pick up a decent one for around £5-6k around 18 months ago (private sale) dealers want top prices now for any decent model MX-5.

I would say yours is worth that

Thanks Ian it’s not that I want or am even thinking of selling
I just wounder when the price will stabilise

Put my details for my ZSport into WBAC as a neighbour is seriously interested in mine as have only done 3000 miles in over three years and came out around £2500 which he is basing my car price on !!. Prices gone silly at the moment so def won’t be letting it go anywhere near that price when some are up for £6-8k with lower mileage.

Totally agree some people just use wbac as a price guide I don’t think my car with 43500 is worth 8500-9k but I do recon it’s in the 7250-7750 bracket

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