Are you a fully paid up member of MX-5 OC or not


 So which one are you?

Interesting poll Mr-P, we know we have twice as many forum users as we do members so theoretically this should be reflected in the result…

 I have voted why the poll ? as I see you are not a member.



I thought after the thread about MSA etc it would be interesting to see the split.

Hope you do not mind.

Maybe the poll should have been are you a non paying member that attends club events.



So it should read “are you the type who wants all the benifits of a club, but too tight to pay” ?

The one who accepts a drink, but never buys a round!

…viscious ,but fair.

Perhaps because it is Monday morning and I have yet to recover from the weekend (Cambridge Winter Beer Fest and very nice it was too) I do not get the idea of this “poll”.

You can already see who is a  member by moving your mouse pointer under their User Name.

And what has it got to do with the MSA thread?  What difference would it make if the result shows one way or the other bearing in mind it was started by a non-member!  Perhaps we should have a poll asking the question - “should non-members be allowed to create a poll…”

The committee already have a good rough idea of numbers.

I am sure there are “fully-paid up” (is there any other level of payment?) members who do not own a PC and thus unable to vote.

Minor Rant over - better get on with my life.


fully paid up members of the MX-5 Owners Club on this forum are shown by having the Club logo under their user name / image over on the left <<<<.  New members signing up get that automatically and its removed automatically should they leave the Club.

So far MrP is the only person posting in this thread who has not paid their £27.50… Big Smile

I’ve been a member of the OC since my first mx5, even in the time period where I dabbled with mini ownership I continued my mx5oc membership!

 It is strange that it is only OC members who have made a comment on this thread

Its interresting… 32 OC - 5 not votes so far…

Im not paid up yet… im hoping to attend a few meets and see if it is for me before i commit any money!

 where do we pay??? link PLEASE.

edit ; made an error on subscription PM sent for help…

I was not sure if I would join but then I spoke to a few (petrol head) friends. The general advice was that joining an Owners club increased the enjoyment of the cars both socially and technically. Seeing as I bought my car primarily for enjoyment and not a work horse, it makes sense that I join.

I received my welcome pack today and I am not dissapointed. A 2012 Calender, a copy of Soft Top, Hard Top magazine (with a very interesting article on bike carrying) and some fun sticky things for the car.

Now to decide which event I should attend :slight_smile:

I Agree



PM sent

thanks repliedThumbs up

can we add a line to the poll please…

Any Muppets paid using an incorrect email address creating work for the Moderators

Well there`s Muppet and Captain Muppet who seem to have managed to have joined already… Don't know

Dr. EunosGeek