Asda - unleaded now down to 90.9p!

Asda have just announced they’re now charging 90.9p for unleaded…   Oh and apologies that the link doesn’t work… how do we do this now? I’m not exactly a technophobe (I work for an IT company!) but I’m having trouble finding anything to create links… Off topic now… how do we use the emoticons on the Options tab when creating a new post? Is there a tutorial or something somewhere I’ve missed??? Tempted now to just go back to lurking… this format isn’t the most intuitive I have to say… Edited to add: formatting is awful - my apologies but I’m stumped with this new forum!

OK, did some more digging and worked it out myself… might be useful to have the enhanced post options turned on by default, rather than just the standard set :S

So the link is…

Great news !! … it’s slowly getting there.

Only took £28 to fill my tank the other day from ‘fairly’ empty.
It’s been a while since it took less that £30 !! [:D]

Thats typical, we dont have an Asda with a petrol station near us[::(]

my nearest asda is 82 miles away [:@]

I will be mildly happy if it goes below 80 p a litre [6]

Well, its down to 89.9 here by me in Manchester, so its getting there slowly [;)]

30 quid today and I reached the first click of the pump [:O]

89.9 at sainsbury’s

 Yup, same up here too - Nearly there!

 89.9p at Morrisons today.

 89.9 in asda Stafford, then nip into stoke for the day and its 88.9 in Morissons, its not been that cheap for AGES.
 With the VAT dropto 15%, will that affect fuel??

Which the hordes buying in the electrical superstores at  "bargain , pre  season discounts " obviously missed today…
you can help some of the people all of the time etc…

89.9 in a Texaco yesterday !! woohoo.

It’s the one just down the road from Tollgate heading towards Colchester if anyone is in the area and needs some.

Now 89.9p at Sainsbury’s and only 84.9p with a voucher… now that is a result  


They know they get better quality fuel at main petrol dealer than supermarket.

morrisons in caernarfon ( 89.9 :smiley: :smiley:

It all comes out of the same refineries …

 Sainsburys this morning at Burpham (Guildford) 90.9 UL and 93.9 SUL

Yes some do, my son knows someone who worked in a refinery that supplied a few different high street retailers inc.the big ones and supermarkets. He said (here goes a rumour starter[:)]) the formulations of the supermarket petrols were not as good especially the SUL (fewer of the cleaning goodies etc) so he avoids them and goes for Total, Esso or Shell. Who knows if this is true? I prefer to believe the supermarkets keep their prices lower to get you in their store and that they wouldn’t sell you ■■■■ because you might not go there again [:^)]