I have a 2017 arctic with built in Satnav etc.when looking to connect via usb or aux the menu doesn’t allow them to be picked looks like I can only connect via bluetooth. Is this right?

Not sure what you are trying to connect but normally you can play music from a phone via bluetooth and charge it via USB but if you want your phone to appear on the screen you need android auto or apple play installed.

yes that what I do, but in a bored moment I noticed that in the menu there are options marked usb1 usb2 and aux, but the touch screen does not allow them to be selected, would be so much better than bluetooth if they worked.

Could they need to have a device connected to them and switched on before they can be selected perhaps?

no makes no difference.

With my 2017 I found it’ll access all the tracks on my iPod via the usb 1 or 2 options but it does need to be turned on, I can choose track and album etc via the control knob. On my wife’s iPod I couldn’t choose track etc, but it would play whatever was selected before it was plugged in.
We went to the audio input jack the day she wanted to use her iPod. Much easier.

You can take a usb stick and fill it up with music and plug that in and it should be accessible via the controller, I use my phone via Bluetooth and it plays any audio the phone produces.
I have tried a dvd in the cd drive as I saw something about that working and playing video but I think that needs a programming modification and I don’t really think I care. Fun to see what you can get it to do though.

I recommend Van Halen - Right Here,Right Now as a soundtrack, car goes faster with Eddie on guitar😉