Auto Box Override

 Hi,  I have a 1.6 auto eunos and when I got the car I found the small plastic override lever for the auto override in the car as it had been removed / pulled out. Is it possible to refit this part as at present I can only select neutral with the engine running. The rest of the gear stick is in good condition so do not really want to replace the whole unit.<o:p></o:p>

Thanks Dave.<o:p></o:p>


Do you have a picture? I can compare it to my autobox and see whats missing…

 Hi I currently am swopping out my jap auto over drive converting to manual but my car also only starts in neutral .Is this a feature of the type of gearbox ??The jap cars auto boxes are not the same auto box as uk car .

 Gearbox out now if you need gear shifter unit incl overdrive switch from jap eunos mk1

 Hi Rob,

How was swapping the auto for a manual?  I was toying with swapping mine, but everyone I speak to seems to think its not such a good idea… 

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Mine only starts in park



Worked out great in mine.No problems really just need to bypass the inhibitor switch wires ( not sure of the colours now as car is sold).Other than that its just the driveshaft,flywheel,fit clutch pedal and swop the brake pedal only( not the actaul pedal box as the new brake pedal fits directly to your existing pedal box.Obviously you need clutch pedal,slave cyliner,pipe,and cluch master cylinder.Centre console is different but fits directly on and dont forget you need gearlever,boots etc.I have full kit here ready to go for 250stg plus carraige.That includes everything.Wiring is simple as you just need to remove the ecu that is fitted above the clutch pedal holder.Leave the existing in place as they are dead anyway.At the same time I fitted full exhaust and diff set incl halfshafts but we got full job done in 2 days.If you need any details give me a shout at 00353 86 8226506.Thanks

If the starter inhibitor switch performs the same function as the one in my old Avenger (Borg Warner 45) it really is not a good idea to bypass that switch. I did this once on my Hillman Avenger, on choke it would start in D or even R and without touching a pedal would do 50mph forwards…literally you could have reached into the car, twisted the key and see it take-off into the distance without a driverShock  

Not the safest mod i have ever perfomed on a motor car lol!Wink


 I agree!!! I am suggesting this as and when you swop over to manual ONLY !!!