Baabaa now a new owner

Hi, collected a 2002 Crystal Blue with a genuine 15k miles and Zero rot with an interesting back story: lady lost her licence in 2008 it remained off road until the ladies sad death in 2018 when it passed to a really nice guy who had it totally recommissioned including underside and cavity treatment, cam belt and water pump, pump, plugs leads all fluids disks pads tyres and caliper overhalls, the car feels like brand new to drive! I shall get the minor cosmetics done when I have sourced a hard top. Two things don’t work an instrument panel bulb which I have purchased and the arial doesn’t retract, any ideas ? Also I have purchased a wood
handbrake cover but can’t work out how to remove the metal one any ideas ? We love driving the car and look forward to meeting some of you when the current situation is resolved. Dave


Hi Dave,

Sounds like a great car and welcome to the NEM. Sorry - cannot help with removing the cover but others on here will be able to offer some advice. I look forward to seeing the car on a run in the future.


Thanks for the reply Andy, I am embarrassed to have to ask what is the NEM

Haha…sorry…it stands for the North East Midlands :slight_smile:

Thank you, I am North Thames but we plan to do some of the national events, when that will be is anybodys guess hope to meet you though kind regards Dave

Hi B, Welcome, YHM. (you have mail)

Hi and thanks, where do I find this mail ? Regards Dave

Your roundel top right should have a ‘1’ in it, click on it and you will see my private mail sent directly to you. You can reply directly to me from there as well.

Hi baabaa,sounds like you’ve got a lovely car there. A couple of instrument lights weren’t working on my 2.5 when I bought it. Really easy job to replace. My aerial wouldn’t retract the last 2 inches either,but I replaced that with one from a breaker. Good luck and enjoy your car

Hi DaveB63,
Thanks for your reply. Yes I think I struck lucky. Looks like I shall have plenty of time to sort the bulbs and arial, thanks again, regards Dave

Hi Dave,

Have you considered taking a look at the aerial… genuine masts and purloin cables are available if you feel confident in stripping it down.


Hi Jeff and thanks for the response, I have to admit to a bit of Muppetry here, I mentioned this to the previous owner who explained to me that the arial is in fact a manual one DOH ! I had assumed they were all automatic. Again thank you for your time and sorry for the delay in responding, kindest regards Dave.

Enjoy :wink: like others you have found a keeper :+1: look after it remember Top down always :sunglasses:

Thanks Top Gun, will do.

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Are you sure that it’s a manual aerial? If it’s not been replaced it’ll either be electric retractable or a fixed pole. MX-5 never had a manual retractable aerial from build.

Hi Robbie, the previous owner said there was a way of removing the aerial manually so I am guessing that it is a fixed pole as you mentioned, I will check it tomorrow, many thanks, Dave