Back boxes

Hi ,this probably has been discussed loads what are people’s thoughts on back boxes for mk3 mx5

Go for it, i had an ILMotorsport backbox and loved it, i now have a handbuilt stainless box which is not quite as loud as the IL but love it just as much. (Thanks Steve).

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I am the new, proud owner of Dave’s ILMotorsport backbox and concur! Lovely, not in your face sound, no droning at motorway speeds, oh, nearly forgot, subtle pops and bangs on over run :smile: Probably been on my car a year now and it’s great! Not the most popular choice as it’s very expensive but it is extremely well made. :+1: With its extended tail pipe trims, it looks fantastic.


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Are there any that DON’T have pops and bangs on over run, as I’m not looking for attention, just a more subtle sporty sound?

I believe that the most popular upgrade that is not too loud is the Cobalt system from Moss. I have seen a lot of positive reviews about that one and it is not too overpowering…

I have the GoPerform box on mine. Deep and not too loud. Mine pops, but only because I have a Racing beat manifold and a new centre section. It wouldn’t on a standard system

Yes I am after one that doesn’t pop and bang and isn’t to loud

The Cobalt is a popular choice, I have one fitted, I call it perfect if you want that sporty note without the annoyance of being too loud or droning on the motorway.
I had previously had the mx5parts SS back box, I found that too noisy for my ears and my wife complained too about it, it had to go. Must say mx5parts do various back boxes, can’t say what what the others are like just that particular one I had.

Pictures of mine, I removed after over 3 years use to do some under body work on the rear of the car, still looking good after a clean up.


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I see that Moss have stopped doing the single exit Cobalt box for the Mk1. Any ideas if you can get one elsewhere?

I found the Cobalt fitted to mine popped and banged too much for my liking which is why it was removed and sold on after a very short time. Quality was nice tho’.

Think the problem is, trying to find one , it’s not like you can borrow one to see if you like it, I have heard the mx5 parts one is loud, there seems to be a few who have said the cobalt one, but I don’t want to spend money out then find I don’t like it I have the mk3.5 is there anyone who has one and lives North Wales way so I could hear one
Cheers Dell

Hmmmmm :thinking: not sure on that one? Anything other than OEM will more than likely have a more ‘sporty’ sound, regardless of pops and bangs. That alone might get heads turning as folk look up to see what’s approaching on the road? You might get the lack of interest in your car that you seek if you just leave it standard? Richardn’s suggestion of a GoPerform back box sounds a likely candidate though if it doesn’t produce the pops and bangs but sounds sporty,if you can live with that? Good luck in your search and hopefully you will get something to suit :+1:



Dependant on how soon you want/need a new backbox and the fact you are in North Wales.
I can’t imagine it will be too long before BOFs (Bunch of Fives) will be meeting up again (Covid-19 allowing) at Northrop Hall once a month, there are usually 20 or more cars turn up and you would be more than welcome to listen or possibly drive a 5 with a stainless box.
See you there?

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Hi, that be great Northrop hall is only about 20 minutes away. Are the meetings advertised on here

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Yes, just keep an eye on the events section.

Nice one thanks

Thanks Barrie, I’m just trying to avoid the extremes of attention seeking. Your suggestions are appreciated.

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I have a Cobra Road back box (not Cobra “Race”…they are cheaper, but louder).
Really happy with mine.

I have a Cobalt fitted to my MK3, it has a nice discreet sporty sound and and any pops and bangs are fairly muted, its certainly no attention seeking drag racer, and after a few hundred miles, I assume it soots up ,as the sounds is slightly more deep and muted, also its well made and looks good.
Ideally you need to listen to a system fitted to a members car to help you decide, although that’s not so easy under the present circumstances.


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Hi Bosley, the cobalt one is the one that seems to tick the boxes, I would like to hear one before I committed to buying one, hopefully when all this covid is over there may be some one who lives North Wales way that I could have a listen to