BBR has boosted the Mk3 Mazda MX-5 to 224bhp

“And not a turbo in sight. 2.0-litre gets throttle bodies for more power and torque”



Those ITB’s look the puppy’s paws!
The video is good too.

Looks great, but if I had the pennies I’d go supercharger, only £900 extra.

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Old news my recently sold NC had 224bhp & ITB’s over 3 years ago. BBR fitted

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They stopped doing it, and are now doing it again :slight_smile:

But actually it’s plus vat, so same Price as the corten Miller Supercharger.

How was it?

Yes they did an ITB system back in late 2016/early 2017 and AFAIK my car was perhaps the only one to have it fitted (by the previous owner). Apparently they had a lot of problems and withdraw the offering. I had no problems with it in my almost 3 year ownership except the EML would occasionally illuminate if the engine idled for a short time and then was switched off and then restarted. It never happened after leaving home and wasn’t a particular inconvenience. Performance and throttle response was excellent and my new ND2 2 litre seems quite tame in comparison.