Been away for 5 months I,m back

Hi all been away since October
last year … Sold my nc but sadly regretted it straight away . Thought I could live without how mistaken was I :grimacing::open_mouth: . Anyway Looking to purchase my next 5 :+1::heart: For those whom I have met Hello again you lovely people for new members Hi and remember Mx5 are smiles per gallon :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: so will pop on from time to time til then Too down always :wink: regards Richy aka Top Gun :+1:

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Welcome back… :wave:
Maybe you could join the ranks of mk4 owners, or are you thinking of another mark 3?

Best regards


Hi my heart set on a mk1 love all generations :heart: Thank you for the offer :+1:

Good choice.

I like you have left the club several times over the years but always come back. MX5’s are the best and with the weather superb where I live today I’m off for a blast.
Good luck.


Hi MF I’ve not left the club “several times” ?
I had one mk3 and sold it , I’m looking for another now, I’ve just not been on the forum for a few months.
Top down always, Richy