Best and worst thing about RF as a daily

Fair enough yes. Narrow garages are a pain. My last garage was 10 feet wide and 28 long, but it tapered to 7 feet at the back. It was ideal for one car and my motorbikes behind but you had to get the car out to use a bike. Was a pain in the ■■■ then. Top of my wish list when we moved was a double garage, and a car port. I had a car port at my last house in front of the garage, best idea ever!!! No doors to open just drive in, it was enclosed on three sides so no matter how much snow or ice we had the car was clear, no issues with damp like many garages, and the house front door was at the side of the house so you could get from house to drivers seat without getting wet in the rain. This house has no car port but a strip of unused land beside the garage and behind the side fence 12xlots, I’d say 100 feet before you end up in the river, so that’s where I’m putting a car port with electric gates in the fence.

Back to cars however. Drive an RF and see what you think. Try a 1.5 and a 2.0 because some people like the smaller engine more, I thought it was gutless but the beauty of this world is we have choices and can all have our own things, we don’t have to have the same. :+1:

Wait for it… :wink:

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Very funny.

We saw one of these over Christmas and my wife is convinced she has turned into Wendy Craig. I have remarked many times that our drive is like an episode of Butterflies - a classic!!


Bournside road in Cheltenham is where the Butterflies house is.
Used to work a few streets away.

I use my ND as a daily, only real complaint is annoying cup holders.

There is noise but it’s not unbearable even with a soft top.

Suspension is supple and is nicely set up for road use.

I think I’d them as “roadsters” and if you get into that mind set rather than chasing power mods and making them into something they’re not you’ll love it.

Great road cars, refreshingly light, engaging to drive feel abit old school without too many compromises and good value.

If you want something abit more raw than the beemers these are a nice antidote and I get about 40 mpg on average


Got a ST ND which I use as my daily, 70mile round trip up and down the motorway, although if the weather’s nice take the country roads and put the roof down. Get about 40-43mpg. Have had it about 6 months now and loved every second. Makes the commute much more bearable. I put the cup holder in front passenger slot to use for the coffee. Only issue is as outside all the time have to be careful with the roof. Getting a half car cover as do think it can do with some protection from rain/snow at the moment especially!

Having come from a Corsa I’m not sure can comment on what it’s like compared to the Porsche/beemer saloons but I can say it’s a hell of a lot of fun and don’t regret using it daily at all.

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