Best bib cover(Old chestnut) for an NC


I have previously had the elasticated versions but up here at the bottom of the Pennines they either blow off or in one case lost their waterproofing in a very short time.

I was thinking of a more expensive one such as the UK Custom covers product.

Any experience positive or otherwise would be very much appreciated.

Cheers Chris


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Half cover :face_with_monocle:

Hi Olive,

Do you have experience of this product please?

No idea about this one :no_mouth:, but it seems me to be good, without strap and not so expensive.
For my MX-5, I have a “homemade” model, but only for indoor use.

Classic Additions do one but I have no experience of it I have one of their outdoor full covers it’s very soft and water beads on it, good quality but not cheap!

Bought the Classic additions item thanks, not received it yet but it was reassuringly expensive…

Hi Stace, hope you’re happy with it, please let me know what you think of it, I may be tempted into one for day to day use myself and keep the all over cover for longer term use.

Will do, a great test for it 670 feet above sea level and really exposed up here.

Hi Dave
Got the cover thanks
Looks very well made with 6 upholstered tags to secure it behind the front and back of the doors and under the boot lid. Tapes round the mirrors as well and finally tucks under the wipers but doesnt really rely on these to stop it flying away, my previous problem with cheaper elasticated covers.

Hi Chris, thanks for the heads up, I’m a step nearer getting one after your review. 670ft, whereabouts are you ? Again thanks for the info. Dave

Dronfield, North East Derbyshire. Our very exposed back garden looks over onto the Sheffield boundary about a mile away. Whereabouts are you please? If you let me have your mobile number I could send you a photo of the cover and contact points.(Technical incompetence means I am unable to post a photo)

Hi again Chris, I shall try to work out how to pm you (I may be some time :smirk:) I’m close to sunny Southend in Essex. Technical incompetence means I am unable to pm at the moment :sweat_smile:

Lot of it about, tech incompetence that is.
We were down your way, sort of, in September.
We often go to Suffolk for a few days and ventured as far south as Colchester.

Have you visited Aldeburgh and Southwold ? Both are lovely.

Yes, some of our favourite Suffolk spots and quite good driving roads if you don’t go the obvious way. a bit surprised that it was quite busy in September with all staycation lot.

If you ever get the chance to spend New Years Eve in Aldeburgh it is wonderful, fireworks on the beach at midnight with a lovely friendly atmosphere no rowdyism a bottle of bubbly and all’s well, we hope to be there this year, but who knows! How’s the cover? I still haven’t worked out how to pm :roll_eyes:

Sounds lovely. We were on the beach for the music festival and two ladies with violin and a cello played folk songs from around the world .
Their renditions of Scarborough Fair and The House of The Rising Sun were magical.

Oh that sounds spectacular ! we would love that. Another thing to do (covid allowing of course) is the carnival, in the evening the high street fills up with folk with lanterns everyone seems to join in the move as one along past the Moot Hall to the beach it feels mystical to be part of, then there are fireworks, again a special time worthy of a visit !