Bettabuilda's AHURA MAZDA

The new car when I collected it on the 28th March from Newport, S Wales.

Looks nice in the pics but is wearing its share of stone chips and a few small dents. Since getting the car, I’ve had the dents sorted, great job done there! I’ve also touched in the chips and started to carefully wet sand/G3/SRP which has made things look better where I’ve had a go. I’ve also changed diff oil, engine oil and filter and gearbox oils. Well worth doing. I will be adding to this as things progress, although this time round, it will be a lot slower than the frantic work done in the 2007, reborn roadster. 




I have the same colour and vintage car, complete with a few paint dings; if possible can you please share some pics and explaination of your repair process?

Hiya, apologies, didn’t take any pics of before the dents  a friend arranged for both me and him to get dents sorted together (identical cars) last Sunday. Chap did them at his home for mates rates, as a favour. A few minor bits in the doors and one right on the edge of passenger side rear wheel arch for mine, at least the ones I knew about, plus a couple I’d not noticed  I’ve never had a totally dent free car before I must admit, so well pleased with this. 



we left the cars and the guys to get on with their job so didn’t witness the process unfortunately.


Next thing on the list was the wheels. All four had varying scuffs/kerbing/corrosion etc when I got the car. They were always on the “to do” list. I did look at aftermarket wheels with slightly wider rims than OEM, this would involve new tyres too, quite an expense. So decided on a refurbishment of the existing 10 spoke 17" wheels, reusing the tyres that were already fitted. 

I did do a quick rub down and spray of the wheels almost immediately to tidy things up but it was only ever a temporary thing. I quite like the look of the OEM wheels anyway so yesterday (Easter Monday) put the car on axle stands, whipped the wheels off and got local tyre shop to take the tyres off 

This morning, bright and early, put the rims into the boot of wife’s car and dropped them off at local powder coating company. They do a lot of industrial big jobs but also wheel refinishing and I’ve used them before with great results.

Will get some pics up of the finished article when I pick them up later this week!



forget to mention the colour, I’ve gone for anthracite metallic, they had a wheel in the shop already coated, looks great and hopefully a nice contrast to the aluminium metallic of the car This might also provide a clue as to where this car is going? Thinking roof, mirrors, windscreen surround, front grill, fog surrounds, door handles, badges and possibly a rear boot spoiler in same colour? As usual, work in progress 

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nice and steady pace this time barrie ???

i hope your wheels are ready for the rally 

colour choice sounds good 

Looking good

Would very much like to see the wheels on your car once you have them back; I plan to refurb our wheels and have been pitching a similar approach to my wife - who currently ain’t buying in to the plan…

Had one of these on the previous NC 1800 GT, really useful mod.

Although didn’t buy from those guys. Got it on eBay for half price, as new with instructions etc ( not that I needed them, it’s an easy and quick swap). Should be here this week so will fit while cars off the road. The car also didn’t have the PRHT emergency roof kit thingy, so bought one of those too. It looks like the most Heath Robinson thing you can get, what with a couple of bits of genuine Mazda string included  but you never know, might come in handy one day.


I also hope they are Geoff!  Fingers crossed.



Will definitely get pics up this time jingars! FYI, I’ve paid £40 a wheel for the refurb, which I don’t think is bad at all and no need to notify insurers of aftermarket wheels fitted  you do have to factor the cost of tyres off and refitting and balance, another £10 a wheel. Still very cheap solution. Was looking at around £800 for the aftermarket wheels and tyres. Should get another 8k out of existing tyres which is nearly 2 years for me and then get a full set of matching rubber, if not before as they are matching pairs on each axle but different makes front and rear? Not ideal  Having said that, I was chasing some fast 5’s the other week in the Welsh mountains and the car behaved great with them on, it was dry though 



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The intermittent wiper stalk arrived, along with the Heath Robinson PRHT toolkit. Put the tools in the glovebox and decided to fit the stalk 

Side by side, old and new before fitting.

Simplicity itself to fit, 3 cross head screws to remove from the surround to the steering column, then split the two halves, upper removed completely first, then lower the bottom section out of the way (ignition light still connected) unplug the white connector at the bottom of the wiper switch, then undo two small screws holding the switch in place. Slide the switch gently towards the right and its out. Fitting of the new switch is the reverse of removal. Quick test to see all is working and you’re good to go! 




Hi Barrie

I also have a 2011 Sport Tech, found it on the forum for sale in 2014 with 1000 miles and full MSH. I also have in my shed four of the original wheels that have kerb rash and the original Potenza tyres fitted.

They are in the shed you are welcome to borrow them if of any use to you over the coming days or next weekend.


nearest capital one bank to my current location

Ian, how very kind of you to offer! 

Its this sort of stuff that makes being a member so worthwhile, a very generous offer of help indeed. Everything else being equal, wheels should be back with me by Friday, in good time for the Spring Rally! so hopefully will be OK. In the meantime, car is sat in an elevated position in the garage where I’m taking advantage of it being off the road to get stuck in to the underbody protection. Bilt Hamber rust treatment followed by the wax. Not bad at all under there, it’s all the sub frames and suspension stuff that have surface rust on them, underbody, wheel arches etc are fine. Well worth treating the relevant bits and the wax comes supplied with an extension tube and nozzle to get inside the frames etc  

Anyway, you’re on my Christmas list Ian 


Been there done that, all thanks to the efforts of Mazda Mender himself. Fully I mean fully treated with Dinitrol inside and out.



shell station opening hours

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Just to keep you up to running speed, you may find this useful.

Not sure if you’d heard of them or not?


.  Couple of pictures of my wheels done by Blackpole Powder coating in Worcester just to whet your appetite…



Different colour to Barries  being plain brightnsilver. Cost was £35 per wheel ??

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Charlie, they look ACE  and an extremely good price too. Was that with tyres off and back on, balanced et A? If so, I should have travelled to your neck of the woods!  Thanks for posting.


Ian, now that is a thorough job , puts my humble efforts to shame 


Robin, not heard of them before? Wonder what customer service is like  Only jesting, not starting another session on that topic!  TBH, as a supplier of all things MX5, they take some beating overall  Thanks for the link 


Those wheels do look the business, Charlie 

I am in Droitwich and know of Blackpole Powder Coating as they refurbed a Caterham roll bar for me some years ago. I would like to see some anthracite finish wheels on a silver car and so Barry is forging a path for me here.

Once I have had my opinion made for me by my wife regarding colour, I will contact them


I have recently purchased a set of 18" wheels from a club member. I need to run these on the car for a while to determine whether the ride is adversely affected and whether my wife approves of the look. If we (and by “We” I mean “she”) decides that we keep these then they too need a refurb, so it is helpful of you to point out a local place for me to go  As Barry asks, was that price inclusive of tyre removal, refit and balance? 

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