Big brake upgrade

Hi Guys,

had my mx5 just a month or so and have just done a track day at Anglesey.

Car was fantastic I have to say with the stage 2 BBR turbo conversion.

One thing I would like to upgrade though is the brakes .

They did suffer a bit with repeated use on track and I want to put a big brake kit on.

Anybody done this and have any recommendation?

I have looked at the K Sport ones but they seem to go to 2010 models only.

Don’t want to spend thousands but if you can suggest what works well for you that would be great

Thanks Guys



What pads did you have. Anglesey has at least on big braking zone and two on the GP circuit. Pad selection is the place I would start with. 


The pads were on the car when I bought it and I think they are yellow stuff pads.
Just been checking them today and they have about 3 to 4 mm left on them .
The discs did not look fantastic and I think one has a slight warp on it as I did get a bit of brake judder at Anglesey.


Yellow Stuff do feel soft with repeated hard use. 

I would go Blue Stuff, which are available for MK3 and new discs before you start spending out for posh calipers. There are other pads as well. 

Thanks NickD.
I have it in my mind to upgrade to be honest.
I put a Comp Brake kit on my RX8 and it was a massive improvement so I will probably go bigger to be honest.
The car is predominantly for track use and is a keeper so I don’t mind spending a bit to improve it .
Anyone gone bigger and if so what make of kit ?

I’ve got 6 piston & 4 piston wilwood calipers on my mk4, dramatically improved braking but they were big money.

Yeh I did have a quick look at them , very quick look mind as they are big money.
Saw some K Sport 8 piston ones which looked great only to find they made them for cars up to 2010 and then 2015 onwards, and mines a 2011…! Just my look.
Thanks GarethC

Have no experience of them, but these should do the job, if they’ll fit inside the wheels, with some decent discs; the kit includes pads. Want to take it to a different level? Here or give the credit card a serious pounding and take your pick here.

Thanks Mac5,
some good options to look at there.
Many Thanks

RX8 brakes can be fitted

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Yeh I did actually think of taking the big brake kit off the RX8 before I sold it so it is an option if they fit


But they are big and heavy…and increase unsprung weight resulting in poor handling.


my advise is buy some proper track pads, the mk3 brakes are very good…we did 12hr endurance race with stock brakes.

however IF you have got money burning a hole…the AP calipers we run on our mk4’s are excellent 


Just to update guys,

I have taken onboard the suggestions and advice and gone for the Willwood Midilite front calipers and Wilwood bp10 pads that come with it ( not too big ,not too shiny and not too expensive either…!).

Hopefully this wont add weight and will give me a bit more bite.

I am changing the discs all round to eliminate the judder hopefully and will get some fresh pads on the back, maybe the blue stuff ones if I can find them somewhere.

I am also going to change to braided hoses whilst im at it and obviously refresh the fluid so its all overhauled.

Thanks for your help guys.

I will let you know if it gives me the results I am after.


P.S I have been doing track days for 20 years on bikes and in cars for pleasure but the mx5 is new to me hence me asking you guys for the advice on what works best ,so I appreciate your knowledgeable tips.

I have now fitted the Wilwood front brakes and just need to bleed them .
I did once but found a leak on one of the new braided hoses (just not tightened up enough )so will need to do it again.
I weighed the parts of the new ones ,caliper pads and one hose and it came to 3.15 kg.
The old one came in at just over 5.2 kg with worn pads in them and maybe a bit of dirt etc on them as well and possible a little fluid still in them.
But I reckon about 2kg weight saving each side and hopefully a bit more braking strength ,which I have not tested yet.
Only issue I have found is the caliper is slightly too close to the wheel spokes and may need a thin spacer.
They don’t actually touch the 17 inch alloys and they spin freely but its close .
I did think maybe a washer on the fixing block would bring the caliper in a fraction and bring it away from the wheel?
Does this sound feasible ?
Any advice appreciated.
I will post up some pics if I can fathom how to do it.

I wouldn’t put a spacer on the calliper I would get some spacers from freaky buy the sound of it you dont need a thiick one 

are you sure they will catch I ran them on my 5 and they were very close but never caught on the rims 

Hi b0builder,
I don’t think they will catch to be honest but the gap is only about 1.5 mm looking at it.
I don’t know if anything may expand a little with heat and usage but I would rather be sure and not cause contact.
I don’t particularly want to use spacers and I think 1 x 1mm washer on the ally block (that attaches to the hub carrier) which the caliper fixes to would just move the whole caliper in that little bit extra albeit it may off centre the caliper on the disc but not sure if that would cause any issues as it would literally be only the one washer thickness that it is off centre?

quick question

Where did you source the calipers?

Hi ,
I got them from Freaky parts.

Will also add the idea of using a washer to increase the gap between the caliper and the wheel isn’t possible as it would push the caliper out rather than in ,but I have now done a few test drives and there is no contact at all between the caliper and the wheels.

Good to see you sorted the problems.
Neither caliper or wheel should flex enough to touch. 1.5mm is a big gap!
How are you finding the brakes now? There are lots of pad options available if you wanted something different. Just drop me a line.