Black 1994 1.8 Mk1 Eunos Roadster S-Special

Hi all.

Ive had the car just over three months now and really enjoying it.

Finally got around to giving it a good clean today and thought id get some pictures before the heavens opened.

It was a brand new import when I fist got it, making me the first UK owner. Its showing a few miles over 64,000 kms now.

Was fitted with different suspension that includes Espelir springs, and a chrome Roll bar.

The Suspension seems nice, though I have only got 60mm ground clearance at best, and seems to hadle well. Though in time, I will upgrade the suspension to coilovers or something that works well as a track toy.

In time too, I will replace the chrome roll bar with a black roll bar with the two vertical supports (roll cage type thing).

Also on the lookout for some deep dish chrome rims, but thats going to cost. So will wait.


My cat started to blow a few days ago, so took a drive to Mx5Parts (only 30mins from me) and picked up a silenced decat. My cat must have been shot, as this made my exhaust seem alot quieter.

As nice as a quiet exhaust was, Ive come from years of Subaru ownership, and my last impreza had a straight through decat unsilenced exhaust (more or less a scafold pole with a few bends to fit) and that was stupidly loud.

So a trip back to mx5parts the day after, and I walked away with a single tip stainless cat back system. Fitting took about 20mins, and im rather impressed. Has got that classic roadster rasp. Sure it will bed in and change a little.

No plans for engine mods or silly things that spoil the look. Im trying to keep it looking simple and clean.

Though I have changed the handbrake and added chrome vent rings to brighten the interior, im only left with the wiring of the bmw clock, and then I can fit it under the headunit, and its finished inside.

I know times change and views change, so will have to see what happens later in its life, but for now, im really happy with the car, and cant get enough of driving it.


the pictures…



Ive got loads more pictures, but dont want to bore everyone.


thanks for reading, and one day soon, ill get along to a southern meet.





Very nice! I love S-Specials. It does look very low! Any problems with speed bumps/driveways?

Nice looking car Tony :smiley: Similar BBS wheels to mine but you seem to have the original ones with the BBS centrecap.Get rid of the front square number plate!

 Only had the odd problem with the huge bumps that a mate has down his road, but can get around that.

Ive been ok otherwise really, though I did find those yellow flipper things you get in car parks, make a bang on the underside when they flick back up.

Hedge, what do you mean about the square plate, the front one?

The car came with the surround and only found the square one fit it. Unless I went motorbike size. I know it doesn’t look probably the best, but not sure what other option I have.

oh, and do you know by any chance what make your rear roll bar is, as I think it looks awesome. Im not overly on my chrome one.  Can you still use a wind blocker with yours though?


many thanks though for the comments.


See updated comments below

Hi Tony,

Yeah the front one, they are pop riveted in with about 6 rivets I think and you’ll have to drill them out but I have a motorbike font sized one on mine, see my pics on readers rides (got it from and have had no probs. If you didnt wanna do that you could get a ‘normal’ UK MX5 plinth for the front or go for a stick on one but I like my small one.

My car has a Mazdaspeed fitted roll cage that came with the car but am sure there would be peeps about who could do you one but mine actually goes down the seat sides into the front floor too. You could cover yours in the rubberised foam tubing you can buy to put over roll bars, especially if you think yours is a bit too much ‘bling’,  thats what mine has on it as its aluminium and I think it looks better in black. 

I have a V shaped mesh windblocker I got off ebay for £45 that doesnt stand up straight as I have bigger seats fitted but it slides up between the roll bar and seats at an angle forward and blocks the wind really well and still looks good. I’ll try and get some pics of the interior on readers rides by the weekend.




looks really clean and tidy.  Have you tried levelling up the headlight covers yet, as this would really clean up the lines at the front?

Nice looking car Tony[:)]


Liking those BBS’s too, very nice!



Thanks very much for all the comments.

Ive not got around to sorting the headlight covers out yet, Ill have a look after work tomorrow. Have to look into how to do it first though.


As to the number plate, I went and bought one of those brackets to fit the plate to the towing eye and have the JDM look.   After fitting it, I realised I didnt like it at all, and was silly buying the bracket. Worth a try though.

Just had my new plate arrive in the post, so fitted it a few mins ago and grabbed some quick pictures as the light was fading.

I think it looks loads better, fingers crossed though it doesnt gain attention from the old bill.





Looks good Tony [:D] I’ve not had any interest from the old bill as yet and was told by one traffic cop as its an import its legal. Enjoy!