Black Run in mid-Wales - 17th July 2022

This run has been prepared for experienced club members who are confident handling their cars at moderate pace on fast A, quick B and challenging unclassified roads. The run includes twisting, undulating single tracks that, where appropriate and safe, invite spirited driving and offers stunning views and vantage points of the Welsh mountains and valleys in Mid Wales.

This is an exhilarating route that includes drop-offs, hairpins, unsighted bends, steep gradients and unexpected direction changes. Driver concentration is essential to maintain a steady pace on this route, but is it fun and well worth the effort. The run plan includes a pub lunch stop to catch breath and fuel up for the remaining adventure.

By its nature this run has to limited to a small number of cars. So book early to avoid disappointment.

The route starts at Dobbies Car Park in Shrewsbury and will leave at 09:30am. Route distance is approximately 135 miles back to Dobbies.


do you have the map to have a look ( or itinerary in google maps) by any chance?

Please count me and Samantha in thanks

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This sounds a bit like a BNB day out…Been too long! Count me in please Norman. I will have a co-driver, not sure who yet.


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Thanks Norman would love to part of this run

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Hi George

Thanks for your feedback

This route has been followed on previous occasions. Those on the run have all enjoyed the varied driving challenges it presents.

The route only supports a small number of cars due to some parts being on unclassified single track roads.

Perhaps we can meet on other runs


no probs mate :+1:

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if this is going to be scheduled again I’d love to come - didn’t have a car for the last one but do now!

Morning Russell.

Yes the run is still on for the 17th July. Ill add your name. Will you have a passenger?
Also what is your car and colour? Reg and your mobile would be a help.

I’m organising a pub lunch for us all, so need to know numbers.
Norman Smyrell

D’oh - long covid brain fog meant I read that as June.

But unfortunately I’m returning from France on the 17th July - so next time… thanks anyway, have fun!