Bling bling!

I recently added a chrome dash kit to my rather boring standard MK2. I really wanted to lift the look of the dash and vents. In all it has come out quite nicely:


There was a bit of glare in that photo, so here’s another:

Let me know your opinions!

Looks good. Are they the MX5Parts chrome bits?
(Sorry to say I’m not quite convinced by the colour of the steering wheel, though! Doesn’t seem to sit right with the rest of the interior …)

It was a kit that I got off ebay for 50 quid. It is a German made kit that comprises of stick-on thick decals in chrome. The decals sits so flat that you can’t notice that they are plastic. I have had quite a few nice comments about them. Nice.

Yeah, the steering wheel came with it when I bought the car. Doesn’t look quite right, a bit too MG’ish for my liking, but very comfortable to drive.

Did You get the chrome or brushed aliminium…looks well

 I got the chrome. but the brushed aluminum loked nice too :wink:


u should be on commision, i’ve just ordered the chrome kit for my MK2.  You need the chrome handbrake cover and gear knob now to finish the look :slight_smile:

 Yeah, and a new leather gearstick and handbrake gaitors - mmmmm :slight_smile:

I replaced my gaitor and hand brake with the two tone red/black leather, it does make a difference.  I’ll try to post some pics wen i suss out how to!!


I have since added a chrome Gear knob, cigarette lighter…more bling n things to follow as summer arrives.