It is a great pleasure to return to Blyton. going back to where it all started for the Club’s Motorsport back in 2012 

There are now only a handful of tickets left for the Blyton Trackday on Saturday 22nd June (No wonder as they are only £90 for the day- the regular price for a Summer day at Blyton is about £149)—saturday-22-june-3823-p.asp


Update to all all Drivers

The information packs now emailed out, please check your inboxes.

1 ticket has come back in as a driver is unable to make the day.

The event is currently Fully booked, but If you are interested in the above ticket PM me and can put you in touch or will be putting it online tonight/tomorrow.

Received and looking forward to it 

Hi Iain,

Can you confirm if tickets are still available to participate on track at the following events;

  • Curborough Sprints. 10/08/2019
  • Croft Trackday. 30/08/2019



These are not released until midnight on 22nd June.

Huge thanks to Peter and the team for a fantastic day! Great weather, great cars, great company!  

Yet again - another cracking OC trackday!

Huge thanks to the OC, PeteMac & ALL of the volunteer team on the day, instructors, Broadpeed, guys behind the scenes, the Blyton crew, and last-but-not-least all of the participants on the day - great manners on and off the track make the OC days an absolute pleasure.

Sadly, my car suffered a bout of incontinence, so my day ended early - “we can rebuild her…” and looking forward to more OC trackdays!

Cheers, Tim

Can only reiterate the thoughts from Bruce & Tim. The organisation behind this event was exemplary, great planning resulting in a perfect flow of activities from start to finish.

With a broad cross section of novice & experienced track drivers, I was pleased to see a high level of on track courtesy that matched the off-track organisers professionalism.

Special thanks to Instructor Brian (Bryan?) and his time both in my car and later in the Purple Porsche Eater NA (as I’ve affectionately dubbed it). Absolutely the patient professional, his feedback & direction made a massive difference to my later circuit efforts and the enjoyment I received punting my car with greater confidence & purpose.

Until next time, I’m off to order some Carbotech & EBC Yellowstuff pads!