Has any one got a boot rack for a mk1, Whos prepared to lend it to us for this week ? Cant find a second hand one, and cant afford a new one. Si & Ang   07900668855

                                     Thank you

 Might help if people know where in the country you are…

Dr. EunosGeek

I have one you can borrow Si. When do you need it?

 sorry suffolk

 robbie your a star. 2 day or tomz would b good, we want 2 go campin this week asap

It may be a problem getting it to you then… can you collect from CB6 tomorrow evening?

 yes robbie no problem, means we a can go tuesday mornin, just one thing where is CB6 ? lol

CB6, Ely postcode. It’s a bit of a run from you I’d think.

 if your happy 2 lend 2 me them im happy 2 make the trip, any way just means a chance to drive the car more

I have one in my shed - it’s a sunction cup jobby.

Never used it myself, just came with an MX-5 I bought. Happy to lend it to you. Whereabouts in Suffolk are you?

Cheers, Ian

 hi mate, needham market. dose it have straps to hold it down aswell ?

Si, If you head over to Rob for the boot rack this week I may try to blag a lift up there with you as have something I need to collect from him as well ! 




Didn’t come with anything but can throw in a ratchet strap as am not really sure how it’s supposed to attach?!

 ok no problem, but havnt heard nothing more from him, but if i go looks like it will b tomz nite

 that was meant for martin

Been out at pub quiz… In Monday evening if you want to collect, it has straps.


yes robbie, you will have to let me know a time an where to meet ya, and did u see martin wants to come as well ?

 thank you very much for the offer, but looks like robbie is gonna lend me one, but thanks again for the offer


 Do you know ,this thread as put a smile on my face this morning{#emotions_dlg.bigsmile} (as well as a offer on the house{#emotions_dlg.wink}) ,this is what it all should be about, robbie my hat is off to you again sir{#emotions_dlg.thumb}{},And not forgetting Ians offer also{#emotions_dlg.thumb}{} if the OP had been any closer to me he would of been more than welcome to use one of mine for a week.

This reminds me of the MG/spitfire days, lets keep it this way{}