For various reasons I haven’t been able to make my annual pilgrimage to Wester Ross and Sutherland this year. I must admit one of the reasons is the amount of publicity, and controversy , the so called NC 500 is attracting. A victim of its own success- I can’t complajn , really , as I have written about it many times and encouraged friends to Go North. 

So , lovely weather yesterday , and a day to myself . I left Thirsk at 9-30 and returned at 6 - and my route was roughly this - A6055(old A1 ) north , then Dere Street (often the A68 but sometimes B roads)  to Jedburgh . Then back across country on B roads and unclassifieds (via Newcastleton )  skipping either  side of the Border , no traffic , along the edge of Kielder Forest to Haltwhistle . Down to Alston, then Middleton in Teesdale , Barnard Castle and home . 300miles - and most of them very quiet ones .


But don’t tell anybody - this is one area that really , really doesn’t  need a bloody convoy …

It’s a shame right enough John.

I can access it of course without much bother, but even I would do my homework timing wise in terms of weather and peak visitor periods.

It’s on my bucket list for next year with  a couple of other 5s.

In any case, some of my most enjoyable escapades have been through the Lakes & Yorkshire.

At least the UK is blessed with some of the finest driving experiences, and not too arduous an effort to access them. 

. Excellent choice of roads John although the route south from Alston has a painful memory for us.

PS-- I can recommend a Welsh Borders trip, may be you can do a write up on one should you ever venture that way in the future!!!

Its a lovely drive through Glencoe, up the a82 to Fort William and down the Malaig rd too. Took the NC up there in May for a week of heavenly driving, she never missed a beat.

I’ve driven to fort william from lincolnshire. Incredible drive through a breath taking landscape. Even with a fully laden car and a downhill bike on the back, I was slack jawed with awe the whole way.