Bought MK3 (first mx5)- Has Sat nav unit, but no SD Card?

Have tried to look online, but it’s not easy re: SD cards needed.   I have surmised that my nav system is "AVN1 (NVA-SD8110 EU-Live).  Does anyone have any experience of getting SD cards?  On Ebay I can see SD cards for the MX5 2015-2018 (mine’s 2013).  For this exact Sat nav system, there’s only a few that look used (again don’t know if it will work on a new sat nav, if previously used on old one?).  Appreciate some input. 

Ebay has them back to 2012

I also have a Mazda 3 sport black 2016 it had satnav capability but no SD card £500 from Mazda bought from E Bay no problem. You can even access Mazda up dates.

Ok , thanks there’s a dew on ebay , but of course all of them are used.  Would they still be ok for me? Cheers

My card was new , ask before you buy most are new.

I know that when I insert my navigation SD card from my Mk4 into my computer and run the map update program, it tells me that the card is linked to my VIN.  I don’t know if that is the same for the cards in the Mk3 but, if it is, a second hand one may not work or maybe just not be updatable?



Hi my Mk3.5 is 2012 and has a Pioneer AVIC-F940BT sat nav. I bought the car as a used model and there was no SD card with it.

I obtained one from a Simon Cox at

He might be able to help.

Good Luck