braided lines



i’m changing the calipers next week and have discovered i’ve a set of braided  brake lines on the car, i’m wondering if the clamping process is the same as normal lines or do i have to take more care as not to crush them ?






 Try the SEARCH button, I’m sure that there is something on the forum as this question has been asked before.

 I would be reluctant to crush a braided line.  The metal braided line is designed to stop expansion when braking of the brake hose that is inside it.  If you damage the braiding, it may not be as effective.  Could be wrong though, maybe others have done this with success

You can limit the loss of brake fluid from the brake fluid reservoir by putting cling film over the top and gently screwing the lid back on. You will have to bleed the brakes anyway and you should be able to swap the hoses over quickly enough to minimise any loss.  

I’ve never clamped brake hoses, swapping calipers is quick enough that you only lose a few drops of fluid.

Clamping brake lines is ddgy enough but on braided lines it should be a shooting offence. I’d like to shake whoever did it to my GTM’s lines warmly by the neck as it caused the brakes to drag something shocking - the internal structure of the pipe had never recovered it’s original shape.

A bit of polyethene under the resevoir cap and simply work quickly is far better. Plus it means the brakes automatically get a proper complete bleed an hopefully that means a change of fluid.