Brake Servo Hose and Check Valve NB 2.5

Hello. I had an issue on my NB 2005 1.8 Icon, whereby the car was idling from 500-2000rpm. It only did it cold, but eventually it started doing it all the time. I cleaned the throttle chamber with carbon cleaner, changed the Spark Plugs and Air filter. All this was in vain. Eventually I found that the hose coming from the Servo to the engine intake was letting in air in both directions, meaning the check valve has failed. So my question is. Does anyone know where I can buy a new hose with a check valve in it? Mazda no longer make them for the MK2’s anymore, MX5Parts don’t sell them, fleaBay only have some for Mk1’s 1.6 and I’d rather buy new than second-hand. It’s like looking for hens teeth. So at present I cannot use the car for the sake of a 14" length of hose!

Try Autolinkmx5

Same as FleaBay, only second hand I’m afraid .I’ve bought second-hand on the auction site as there is nothing new available. As the hose only has fumes and not fluids running through it, the hose should be good for a few years. Guessing it’s a part that rarely fails. Thank You for looking for me though. :slight_smile: