Brands Hatch 9th Nov

Thought I’d start a thread on the new forum about the Ma5da racing on Sunday 9th nov at Brands Hatch.

 Anybody going.?..looks like a full days racing of a mixture of different series of cars, should be good if the weathers good.[Y]

I will be there, not sure when as I fancy a lay in Sunday morning so might miss all the convoys… And not sure which car I will be in yet… and weather will need to be OK… but would hate to miss it…  [:D]

I’ll be there, looking forward to the breakfast more than anything if I’m honest.

See the latest posts on the old forum - motorsport - re latest info for Sunday.  is where to park/parade lap/ signing in etc etc

there are convoys from north thames area and eastern.  West London are meeting at clackets lane services M25 and SE area are meeting at the Moat at Wrotham just off M20/M26 junction.  All info on area forums on the old forum


Thanks Sandra [Y]


 Yup.  North Thames will be there.  21 cars now.  Just checked the latest weather and it says sunny spells all day.  Fingers crossed. Don’t want any of this [li]  Should be a good day.

Firstly a very BIG thank you to STHT, Ma5daracing, and MSV for arranging parade lap for the owners club and for allowing it to happen. =D> And of course we must not forget the exiting day of racing.

Participating members donations came to £161.54 for the Marshalls Fund and they have asked us to pass on there thanks to you all.

I am told there were over 90 MX5s there and only 60 odd Lotus. There was even a group of members all the way from Wales - great bunch would have loved to have had a chance to chat with you some more - may be at another event.

We know some of you were obviously disappointed at the restriction on numbers, for reasons previously stated, but I know most of you have fully understood that this was out of our hands and that drawing numbers was the fairest option.  The form filling, wristbands etc gave Bob and I quite a headache, if we had known what was involved …!  Bob’s knowledge of where things are at Brands and some of the procedures was invaluable and I couldn’t have done it without his help, so once again thank you Bob :)  .  With the Brands Hatch “microclimate” rain showers and late running of the races there was a possibility that it could have been canceled even at the point when we were lined up ready to go.

We did manage to see the most of a couple of the races, (pity it wasn’t more) and so missed most of the thrills and spills but it was good to get reports about them from the rest of you.


Dear All,

I have read this thread and the one on the old forum and from that I understand there were people that were disapointed that due to circumstance they could not take part in the parade lap at Brands, even though they may have traveled some distance. Unfortunately these things can happen even though the initial plans were good.

Mazda on Track are at Brands on the 5th December and anyone is welcome to come down and we will do our best to ensure everyone that wants to can get some passenger laps.

Please be aware however that a crash helment is required and that you will need to sign up as a passenge for which there has to be a charge of £10. That said we have a 40 cars on the day so there should be plenty of oportunity to go out with many people.


PM me if you would like to come


Nick [H]

well now that was a laugh eh Breakfast!! was waiting … and waiting… and was really lucky to get one in the end

 hope ya enjoyed it!




Hi Sandra

 i would firstly like to thank you and Bob for all your hard work on the day and to the NT co-ordinators for all your hard work on (and before) the day.

i would also like to apologise for my pestering to get on the parade lap. as you will remember i drew No 43 and was still haunting you for a drop out place (and managed to get one) up till 10 minutes to go!!

i most definately would have been one of those disappointed people if i hadnt been able to go round. even though i am aware that these things happen at the last minute and were out of your control i had invited a friend (who took photos which are being moderated on the main site at the moment) and told him we would be doing it and im not sure id have come if i knew it was just to watch the races.

having said that i did get to go round (with your help) and so was well pleased. im sure it must have been evident on the day people were disappointed and that must have been very difficult and would just like to let you know i for one appreciate this.

look forward to meeting up again at another event



Were you in the queue for the eggs??

I waited and waited for an egg for my pitstop breakfast, a tray then came out and the woman at the counter took one look, swore and sent them back as they looked rather unapetising… I then gave up and asked for extra bacon instead.

Quite a hard thing to do, a fry up… LOL>…

Ah yes … Andy qued for agess and got about the last cold bacon roll as they ran out of bread.  Note for next time … He later found a bacon sandwich/burger/chip van at the top of the paddock area that was doing a roaring trade - even service with banter and a smile!!!