Brembo rear pads - MK3 NC

Wondering if this is correct? Only one of the pads has the metal clip on it.
I have yet to do rear brakes on this car and rather than lug all the jack and tools down flights of stairs to find out, would rather see if I have the correct parts.
Seems very weird to have this odd pad.

That would be a wear indicator so not needed on all pads. If they get that low you get a metal to metal (on the disc) screech.:+1:


Hmm, when I did my NC with the Brembo pads April 2018, two of the pads had wear indicators.
I re-used the Mazda shims because they had a better contact patch to the pads than the shims in the Brembo kit.

However if it’s the back brakes they don’t wear much with normal road use. I only changed mine because the discs had rusted enough the pads could not clean it off, and needed dressing on the lathe, so new pads seemed a good idea while it was all apart.

Robbie’s guide in the Downloads section is very good, with torque settings as well.