Brodit phone holder intruding on passenger leg space


Just wondering if anyone else has the same issue as me. I just a bought (at great expense…£50) a phone holder with pro-mount from Brodit. Seemed to be the best solution after getting some waste of time vent holders etc and I didn’t want to take up windscreen space or mark the dash.

It’s great for the driver, sitting next to the gear-stick as in the pic, points at your face and is all good. Only trouble is if you’re the passenger you now have the corner of the bracket digging into your leg rather than the smooth plastic side of the console.

Assuming this is the same for everyone else and we just have to live with it…!

Would be great to hear any views so I can feel better about myself :slight_smile:


PS: I have a 2014 2l MK3 as in my profile pic

I use a windscreen mount on the bottom right of the screen in my 3.75. Doesn’t impact my view at all, and means that there’s less refocussing for my eyes to do when I glance at it (I tend to use it for navigation).

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Thanks for the reply. I use mine for navigation also, seeing as the inbuilt one is not great. Plus it’s just better than keeping the phone in the netting door pocket.

Which holder do you have and would you recommend it? This could be attempt number 4 coming up…!

I’m currently using this one as I exclusively use wireless charging for my phones.

If you’re willing to plug a piece of wire into your phone every time you get into the car, then there are an infinite number of car cradles out there.

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Looks pretty flash! Thanks for that - and does that fit to your windscreen only, no extra mount on the dash?

Yes - the suction cup just attaches to the windscreen, not to anywhere else.

My experience is that the iOttie brackets are exceptionally good, in terms of the number of adjustments that are available, how well the suction cups work, and how resistant they are to vibration. Samsung are pretty good as well, although not with the same level of adjustment, and are the least electrically “noisy” of the ones that I’ve tried - I had real problems with FM reception in my Toyota GT86, which I eventually traced to the wireless cradles that I was using, and only the Samsung one solved that. I’ve just got a Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3, and because it has the charging coils at the bottom of the handset - most phones have them in the centre - only my Qifull wireless cradle will work with it.

Almost all the cradles attach to the brackets using the exact same ball and socket arrangement, so it’s easy to use, for example, a Qifull cradle on an iOttie bracket, getting the best of both worlds.

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Brilliant small non invasive phone never falls off.


Thanks so much for the reply, will take a look at the iOttie range. When I held my phone up against the windscreen to the right of the wheel it did kind of block out the whole screen, also partially obscured behind the wheel. Guess that there just is no perfect solution when we have such a small car!

Looks like an option thank you. I take it this goes on the dash rather than the windscreen? Can I ask where you put it? Seems difficult to find somewhere where it doesn’t block the view. Also, there have been complaints about other dash mounted holders that mark the dash permanently, don’t really want to do that if possible!

Its a sticky 3m pad, it doesn’t mark the dash at all and if you ever decide to remove it when you come to sell the car a small amount of white spirit or specialist adhesive remover will clear any minor traces.

There are lots of these types availailable. we have one in our wife’s mini, my audi and the MK1 Eunos. You just find a suitable point on the dash to mount it that is good for you. A small metal plate is then stuck to your phone case or inside the case or on the phone whatever your preference.

Once I found these all my old fashioned large suction windscreen type adapters went into the bin.

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Thank you! I’ll take a punt on it, only 8 quid. Cheers!

Will put up a couple of pics later of mine.
The only issue I had and this depends if you utilise wireless charging or use your phone in shops to pay for things is to be aware of where abouts you stick the corresponding small metal plate on the case/phone…I had to move mine a bit to find a sweet spot so as not to interfere with connectivity.

Good advice thanks, would be great to see where you have yours. I don’t use wireless charging but I do pay for stuff in shops all the time. It comes with multiple plates right for more than phone? Thinking of the wife

I got 3 plates with my device of different shapes and sizes, they can be bought from ebay in different colours shapes and sizes inexpensively. Worth investing in the right one as you only fit it once.


Looks pretty tidy! Thanks for the pics, that Mk1 reminds me of my old Austin Ambassador with those heating controls, love it :grinning:

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