Budget coilovers in a lightweight MX5 NB?

Hi Folks,

Appreciate that this topic invokes a lot of personals likes/dislikes for different brands etc and you very much get what you pay for…however…

I’m looking for some mid to low range height adjustable coil overs for my MX5 kit project. I’m interested in Tien and below. Ideally £300 is where I want to be. Would rather buy new.

The final vehicle is going to weigh about 2/3 of the original weight of the NB. Does the reduced weight mean that the quality of the coilovers are even more important or doesn’t it matter?

Cheers for your input folks.


I’ve been having a similar issue, not so much in terms of cost but trying to cut through opinion and fact in terms of coilovers.

In theory though if the car is 33% lighter then the suspension would have 33% less work to do. What that means in terms of the quality of the suspension is anyone guess. Tein is a good make - they get a bad rep on some forums but I’m not sure how much attention to pay to that. They are a large reputable company with a history of turning out good products. I have decided to go for Tein Street Advance Z’s.

Have a read about spring rates - since your are considerably lightening your car you might want to opt for a softer spring. Some coilover kits give you Spring Rate options.

Thanks for that info. I guess if the cheap and nasty Chinese eBay coilovers are crashy on the full MX5, they may be less crashy on 2/3s the weight???

Seen the Vmaxx coilovers on mx5 parts. Link below. Any thoughts on these, especially for a lightweight…




Your theory could be correct. To be fair going for Tein or Vmaxx units won’t be a bad choice. I’d be wary of the cheap eBay coilovers! I’d be interested to hear how you are removing so much weight from the car. That may be a different post or a message though, don’t want to go too off topic!

I have sent you a PM with the off topic details.

On a pure vanity note, as the coilovers will be on show on my kit car, I don’t like the Tein green colour. They will look awful (and cheap) on my bright orange and black exocet!.

the Vmaxx’x look better.


Believe it or not I’m currently working on my project car, MX5 that is.

I paid just under £200 for a set of coilovers maxpeedingrods. Read reviews, watched videos and a lot of people are impressed by them. Here is a photo. I have fitted the fronts just need to do the rears. I set the front to 11 threads showing on where you adjust. Again I will take a photo of the car once it’s done. IMG_20200206_122835|666x500

Welcome Widzy,

Looks like your rebuilding your 5 and Im tearing mine to bits!

I will be very interested to see how you get on with the maxpeedingrods. I have to say that i lumped them in with the nasty Chinese ebay stuff but will be very happy to be proved otherwise. Fingers crossed for you matey. They look good too. Please let me know how the ride is and I may join you if my oem shocks don’t clean up well.


Sorry not responded! Been quite busy and the car had to wait for a bit. Today I have taken both rear shocks out. Ready to fit the rear coilovers hopefully this weekend weather permitting! I will get photos and let you know how I get one. Once the car is finished in terms of brakes, tyres. Needs a MOT plus two sills…

Cool cant wait to hear how they are.


Fitted the rear coilovers! IMG_20200729_174340|375x500

Removed them Monday, fitted them tonight after work, 5 minute job. Quick and easy. Hope the pics help, ignore that glorious rust and the anti roll bar links are next. Will need the angle grinder on those, quite rusty. Brakes to do and then rear tyres and get a quote on both rear sills.

Hi Widzy,

Just wandering how you got on with these. I’m looking at get a set of coilovers for my NB, and was staying away from theses cheap Chinese sets from eBay. However your post here had got me thinking again.